Stuck in the UK

Reality check now. I am still booked on a flight first thing tomorrow morning and the website shows it as still operating. But I am pretty certain it wont be. The buses are fully booked for at least the next two weeks... the trains are only viable if you book in advance... even my little windfall would not cover the journey if I have to buy the tickets on the day at the station. Ilona suggested contacting an international haulage firm and tomorrow I may well give it a go... I once travelled by lorry from Amsterdam to Nice in the south of France and it was a pleasant enough journey... mind you I was 18 and with a friend and it was the 20th November 1975. How do I know the exact date? Well as we drove down through France we heard on the radio that Franco had died, I remember being firstly impressed that I understood the French radio presenter, and secondly this was quite momentous for europe and hailed a new beginning for Spain.

As you can imagine I am devastated at not being able to get to Spain. When my daughter and her husband moved there they quelled our worries about them being so far away by saying "it's only Spain, it's only a couple of hours away by plane and there are so many flights". As it turned out the last time we tried to get there in a hurry it was winter and during winter the flights are cut right back and often fully booked. And now this... yes I know this is unusual....

Well they do say that every cloud has a silver lining... so I should look for one now... I am at home, unlike those poor people who have been stranded in a foreign country and can't get home. We live not far from RAF Brize Norton so the skies are usually quite busy here. It is so quiet now... very nice actually. I am sure the planet appreciates not having so much pollution in the atmosphere. The sky is very blue and clear and the sun is shining and I have been able to do some gardening and work on the allotment.

I do have Skype so I can talk to my daughter and even see her... not sure if I will be able to skype her in the hospital and get to see the newborn but you never know.... and it isn't absolutely necessary for a grandmother to be there when her grandchild is born... none of my children had a grandparent in attendance. And I shall be there as soon as I can.

Will keep you posted on that...


  1. I feel very sad for you, it must be so frustrating. If that stretch of water wasn't there you could drive there. At least we are not stranded on the other side of the world with no hope of getting home for the next few weeks. They are the people I feel most sorry for.

  2. This is very true Ilona... I'm now booked on a flight on Thursday morning... fingers and toes crossed etc...


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