Nest Building

The last few days we have been nest building... you know, doing all those little jobs that need doing before baby arrives. Some thorough cleaning - my daughter sits on the couch and directs me, while cleaning or dusting a favourite ornament - sweeping, washing floors and cleaning lamp shades is all down to me. It has been a sort of busman's holiday and I must say I have quite enjoyed it - it is a nice change to clean some one elses house.

We even got around to clearing a pile of dry grass and logs and scrap cardboard from the garden and making a bonfire. Bonfires are not allowed after the 1st May due to the fire risk so we were determined to get this done before then.

When we cleared the pile of cuttings and damp cardboard we discovered some rather large squatters underneath...

We don't know which type of beetle they are or what their proper names are but we left a small pile of leaves for them to find some shade.

It's 27 degrees C here today... it was 17C this morning at 8 o'clock when we left for my daughter's hospital appointment. This stubborn baby is still hanging on in there. The doctor has now said that she can go full term and give birth naturally barring anything unforeseen. This is good news, if a little worrying for me, but then I am very much the over protective mother at the moment. And when they say giving birth naturally they mean that you can only have an epidural if you arrive at the hospital between 8am and 3pm... outside of those hours you just have to go for it... oh and gas and air are not provided at this hospital... One tries to be reassuring at moments such as this...

Baby's due date is May 5th... Will keep you posted!


  1. This doesn't help your daughter but we must remember that we have the world's finest health care system, run by wonderfully dedicated professionals and nothing compares to it.

  2. Good luck to your daughter, I hope the experience is not too uncomfortable for her.

  3. I agree Frugal Life that we cannot fault the dedication of British health workers but I do dispute the NHS being the best in the world... I think it used to be. Here in Spain you never ever get people left on trolleys in corridors or dirty hospitals or anything like that... the facilities are really good... mostly brand spanking new and the equipment and level of training of the staff is fantastic... what is different is mostly a cultural thing... childbirth is after all a natural process and if anything unforeseen were to happen you can bet your boots my daughter will get the swiftest and most modern medical care in the world... they proved this already by saving her life back in January.


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