Moors and Christians

Today we went to Bena Maurel where they celebrated the rich history of this area... it is Moors and Christians day. The Moors were here for several hundred years and their influence is everywhere in the architecture and art work of the past... and then the Christians drove them out.

If, like me, you are a costume officianado then you would be as impressed as I was. As we waited for the procession to begin we were entertained by some dancing horses as their riders put these beautiful animals through their paces for the delight of the crowd.

Then the Moors marched/danced past us... it took quite some time as group after group paraded through the street... each with their own band accompanied by the noise of firecrackers going off - symbolising the medieval canon fire.

Each group to pass had quite different costumes but they were fantastic... not historically accurate you understand, but very beautiful.

And the backs were as impressive as the fronts...

And then came the Christians... I suspected that they would not be as interesting as the exotic Moors but I was wrong...

their costumes were equally fantastical... it was all very colourful...

Finally... my favourite costume of all... the green peacock! Just fabulous!

Click on the video film to see some of the Moors and Christians parading...


  1. well you're certainly getting around bit :-)

  2. Your stories are so interesting. The costumes are fabulous, and the green peacocks are definately the best. Glad you are enjoying your time there.


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