Market Day

After yesterday's busy day of hospital visit plus some supermarket shopping, my daughter has been confined to the couch for today, except for an early visit to the market in the village.

Thursday is market day in Campo Camara. This is a busy thriving little village and most people buy their weekly shopping from the little supermarket and the weekly market, trips to the bigger supermarkets are kept to a minimum. I think shopping locally is very important if you want villages to survive. The village is much smaller than my own village in England but it certainly seems to be just as busy.

We bought lots of fruit and veg. We were not buying meat today but the choice was very tempting.

Here we have cured ham being carved, wafer thin, off the bone. Very yummy with a salad for lunch.

Lots of cured salami sausages. They also make the best black puddings I have ever tasted here.

A box of fresh sardines.... mmmmmmmm.

...................and then we went to the local bar for a coffee before coming home.

The weather today is.... scorchio! And I am not a sun worshipper. I do like to see the sunshine, but I like to stay in the shade and fortunately the house is designed with cool tiled floors and shutters on the windows to keep the worst of the heat out... so afternoons are very lazy and very pleasant. After all it's too hot to get in a fuss about anything... and if we forgot to do something... it waits until tomorrow... what do the Spanish say? Oh yes... Manyana (not spelled correctly but can't find the right symbol... and hey... its too hot to bother about it!)


  1. How lovely to see the photo of your daughter, she is looking really well! How frustrating to not be able to find the correct word when you are talking - I know someone who had a stroke and has a similar problem, she used to get quite upset by it but she just laughs it off now.

    Urgh! It sounds far too hot out there. The house sounds lovely and cool, though.


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