Hurrah! I'm in Spain...

Arrived here this morning after a very early flight... no problems at all... I didn't really notice the airport being that much busier than normal except that there was no online check in so we all had to queue. And my flight wasn't full either...

Really too tired to blog at the moment but suffice to say that BillySarah is looking very well indeed and apart from being a bit weary is coping very well with the pregnancy. So much so that they are letting her go full term and barring any last minute complications she will have a normal birth.

She is on medication to stop convulsions and is still coping on a daily basis with the Aphasia but more on that curious condition over the next few days.


  1. That's fantastic news, I am so pleased for you. Best wishes to all your family.

  2. so glad you made it and the family are well.

  3. Congratulations-so glad you could get there!


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