It's the weekend and we went to Castril to do a little sight seeing. This town is very beautiful, nestled half way up a mountain, swathed in mist in the early mornings and bathed in sunlight in the afternoons. The swifts migrate from Africa in early spring and arrived here just a week or two ago... the air was frantic with their calls and their swoopings and aeorobatics. The sun was shining and I had to crack open the Factor 30 sun cream ... my fair skin can't take too much sunshine without burning. Castril is a popular destination for tourists as well as the swifts but this early in the season the town was very quiet.

Castril was famous for it's glass blowing in the past but today has only one glass blowing factory still open with a little factory shop where you can buy the most beautiful hand made glass objects... sculptures, vases, plates, jugs and glasses... considering what they were the items were really quite cheap but my budget is very small so I chose a little glass fish necklace for just 6 euros.

The pathways through the town have pieces of glass embedded in the cobbles....

... and here there are railings with hand blown glass finials...

... and a close up...

....and the view from the streets as you walk around is to die for.

Sight seeing is for mornings only because by lunch time my heavily pregnant daughter gets over tired... so it's off to the bar for some tapas (and a shandy...) and then home for a snooze... ah... this is the life!


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