Father's and Sons

I have had my father to stay this week. He will be 87 in a couple of months and he is recently widowed. My father and I have always got on really well. We like the same kind of things. We just get on. Now that he is older this hasn't changed much... except that I have to give him a little more time and sometimes shout (especially if he has forgotten his hearing aid). I was determined to enjoy his visit, to enjoy him, after all... he won't be here forever... I won't be here forever!

In spite of not having a great deal of money to spend we had a great week. We went to a couple of museums in Oxford - all the museums are free so it's a great way to spend an afternoon. We visited my son who has just bought himself a new house and had a lovely pub lunch with him. And we walked by the river and then sat in the garden yesterday enjoying the first real spring sunshine.

Here is my dad getting to grips with the tennis on the wii! I am so proud of the way he is always up for new challenges and experiences. He has lost a lot of confidence recently but he still wanted to try out the wii because he has seen all the adverts for it on the tv and wondered what it was like. He was not afraid of being rubbish at it either... He said it was exhausting though!

My big brother arrived yesterday afternoon. He is taking our father on a road trip to the south of France. It's an adventure. Over the years my father and brother have not seen eye to eye. My brother is a little impatient with him. My father is fit and healthy and still very agile in the brain department... but he is a little slower than he used to be... my brother seems to find this very irritating. I kept whispering to him to just let our dad be old... and to give him a little more time. My brother would nod and then roll his eyes.

Well they set off on their adventure this morning. They are hoping to get to Blois by this evening and then to visit Museum of Magic and home of Robert Houdin (Harry Houdini's inspiration) tomorrow before heading on further south. It sounds like a wonderful trip... but that's a lot of time the two of them will be cooped up in the car together... it will be an opportunity for them to get to know each other properly. Or it could be a nightmare...

I am a bit anxious for them both... but I can't do anything about it... I so want my dad to have a wonderful time and I so want my brother to appreciate how great our dad is... but all I can do is wait and see how they get on.


  1. I think women find it easier to get on with older relatives, than men do. I have wonderful conversations with my uncle who is 87 in June, but his sons hardly see him or speak to him. Your dad looks like he is having a great time with you. I hope the men enjoy their trip.


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