....And just as I prepare for my trip......... a volcano erupts in Iceland and today's flights to Almeria, Spain, are cancelled due to volcanic ash in the upper atmosphere... at the moment tomorrow's flights are all still flying... my fingers are crossed.

...And I catch up on a film that I missed last Sunday on BBC 3... It is called Farewell (do watch the trailer it is sooooo worth it) and is the story of the Graf Zeppelin's circumnavigation of the world in 1929 - from the diaries and articles of the only woman on board. Lady Grace Drummond-Hay.

The film is compiled from the exact footage of the original journey.... I am a complete fan from now on... if you like the trailer then UK residents can watch on BBCiplayer (BBC 3)... for the rest of the world... alas... I don't know how you will get to see it. But do seek it out if you can. Lady Grace is a woman of her times... among the items she packed for the journey ... Channel no. 5. I love it!!


  1. Hope the flights are back on tomorrow - although several online papers don't seem to be expecting them to be at the moment!

  2. Yes I know Bright and New.... it doesnt look good... trouble is... it takes me a while to get to Gatwick so even if the flight is still operating when I leave it could be cancelled by the time Iget there... but if I want a refund or another flight I shall have to make the journey... so annoying!

  3. I have seen that film, it is really good. I think the flights are starting at lunchtime Friday, I hope you get a ticket.


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