The Dark Ages

Well this is a funny old time isn't it? As Cyberkim has pointed out in the comments section of my last post... is this supposed to be progress? Indeed if I travelled by zeppelin I would be on my way! Lets not go into the downsides of zeppelin travel... mind you they would have solved all those little problems by now wouldn't they?

I am still booked for Monday morning's flight to Almeria. However, while the volcano with the unpronounceable name continues to spew forth, ash cloud conditions will be the same, and it is likely my flight will be cancelled AGAIN. OK says I, lets be adventurous and look at the trains... mmm... seems like I am not the only one up for an adventure... fully booked from London to Paris.... Oh and the French railways have recently been on strike... are they still on strike? How can we tell? The websites are not very clear... so even if I do get to Paris... would I get any further? What about the ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao? Mmmm P&O are not taking any more foot passengers bookings until after the 21st.

BillySteve has just suggested I look at buses!!!! Bus!!!! Apparently National Express do a bus to Granada - two changes Paris and Area Suco (somewhere in Spain) and 34 hours later, bobs your uncle and you are there... £138. Oh my God am I seriously considering this?


  1. ¿if you book the bus what time do you get here
    ? from the pregnant daughter.

  2. leaving at 8am on Monday and arriving 34 hours later... give or take... but that's assuming the bus has a vacancy... can't book it until I see if my flight on Monday morning is cancelled or not...

  3. Oh well it was a nice thought while it lasted... the bus is fully booked... no surprises really. So... I am back to prayers to the God Vulcan and waiting to see....

  4. This is probably no help at all, but could you both get Skype, then at least you could see and speak to each other. I wish I could offer a better suggestion.

    Whoops, just thought of one. Contact an international haulage company to ask if they have any trucks going to Spain. Chances are that they do regulular weekly runs, and will have block booked their crossings. Just guessing here.

  5. Skype sounds a brilliant idea, BTW I only see my mum once or twice a year and she lives 15 miles away....both very busy.

  6. I seem to recall it has been proved that the Hindenberg exploded not because of any inherent danger in the hydrogen, although this didn't help once things happened.

    No it was down to good old fashioned poor workmanship and cost cutting. So no change at all really.


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