Well as you guessed... I am not in Spain... it was nearly 11pm last night before my flight appeared as officially cancelled, giving me the option to reschedule. By the time I navigated through the webpages (including the one that didn't work!) to book another flight... I couldn't get a ticket until Monday morning! But that will give this cloud plenty of time to dissapate or move away or whatever ash clouds do.

On the subject of ash clouds.... have you seen it? I mean any evidence of it? I watched the sunset for any unusual colours in the upper atmosphere... nope. I phoned a friend in the very north of Scotland... had she seen any evidence of it? Nope. I listened to the news telling me there might be ash on my car this morning... nope.

The prevailing wind at the moment is from the north... sunny outside but a very chilly wind... Iceland is north of us... so where is this ash cloud? Now the conspiracy theorists among us may speculate about this unprecedented grounding of all aircraft... the silence is wonderful... if a bit eerie. Anyway, my youngest son, who is a little paranoid (like most of the youth of today) about the Establishment... is now convinced that the ash cloud is a ploy. A ploy for what, he is less clear about, but he is convinced!!

Me? Well I have a free weekend... so I am off to the allotment with me spuds and me spade! Yippeee! (so long as I do get to Spain on Monday... ) Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Of course, if you'd opted to travel by Zeppelin, the "Ash Cloud Menace" wouldn't have been a problem.

    Did someone say progress?...

  2. Interesting post. Personally I think its more than likely that a small nuclear device was set off in Iceland, most probably by accident. Why do I think this??

    1. Nato teams were assembling for a drill three days prior to this happening.

    2. There's only one other thing that resembles this "ash cloud" and that's a mushroom cloud.

    3. Aircraft would have to be grounded due to instrument problems caused by radiation not to mention the EM field generated.

    Makes sense for them to call it an ash cloud to prevent mass panick if this is the case.

  3. great post, i think you might have a point


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