And the winner is.............!

Mama Mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so please, Miss Mama Mouse... would you email me your snail mail addy and I will post you a couple of green tea sachets.

Thank you so much to everyone who has posted comments and followed my blog so avidly over the last few weeks.. As a reward for you all... this is a little video clip of a waterfall in Kyoto train station... it writes words... how clever is that!! No it isn't... this is the view from the train... d'oh! Hopefully the next one will be the right one! lol! Scroll down to the bottom to view! on to some more news. My daughter in Spain, the one who had the brain hemmorage(sp?) a few weeks ago, was back in hospital for a few days this week after having had a seizure of some sort. She recovered very quickly and they could find nothing wrong in the brain so we are assuming that it is 'aftershocks'... I read somewhere that this can happen due to scarring from the brain surgery.

My grand daughter is not due until the first week of May but it looks like they will be doing a C section a little sooner than the due date, so next Friday I am jetting off to Spain to stay for a little while. I shall take my computer with me and update you all but in between now and next Friday I have to dig the allotment like crazy 'cos it is really a mess and tidy the house and do all those things that you do before going away.... So I may not have much time to update blog.

Hopefully we shall have lots of lovely photo's of sunny spain and tiny baby in the near future... and then with fingers crossed and lots of prayers... some peace and quiet for the rest of the year!


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