The signs of spring have been around for a while now, but I can't ever really believe it is spring until the sun comes out and warms things up a bit. Trouble is... to start with, even though the sun is out... it's still very cold.

And because of the clay soil we have around here it will take a good couple of weeks of sunshine to dry the allotment enough to start weeding. Weeding! What is Mother Nature thinking about!! I thought nothing was supposed to grow during winter but my allotments are FULL of weeds... pretty well grown ones too.

New weeds are springing up everywhere... here are some in the shadow of a wall... growing through the edge of the path. Why do they manage to grow where nothing else will? and Why do they always seem to get a head start on us?

But we humans are intrepid, indominatable and ever hopeful.. here the local sandwich shop has bravely put the cafe table and chairs out! Patience my friends... spring is coming!


  1. Oh yes... by this time next month, we'll have about two and a quarter hours more sunlight per day (clouds permitting)


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