Partners in Crime

It's half two in the morning and I simply cannot sleep so I crept downstairs to make a cup of tea and watch a bit of tv in the hope that whatever rubbish is on at that time in the morning will help me get off to sleep....

Well... a trip down memory lane it was... programmes such as Upstairs Downstairs and the Agatha Christie... Partners in Crime... where I simply drooled over Tommy ....

....and then marvelled at the perfection that is Tuppence... (played by Francesca Annis). I dont think anyone has ever had such perfect make up ever! I suppose she is older now (aren't we all?) but I think she is just about the most perfect looking woman (who looks like a real woman) I have ever seen! The amazing 1920's clothes just thrilled me... and the silly manners were a hoot. I found myself just chuckling away... such a trip down memory lane - not that I remember the 1920's but I do remember the first showing of the series.

Well once I watched them solve the crime of the missing pink pearl (of course the French maid took it!) I slipped silently back to bed and off to sleep.


  1. About two weeks ago I listened to an audiobook of what must have been the first AC book featuring Tommy and Tuppence, as it described the founding of the "company." I was delighted to find it on offer from the library, because I so enjoyed the one episode of T&T I'd seen on television ages ago.
    I found the plot so unlikely, that I can't tell you how it ended. Or the middle. Very little about how it began, actually! Now I wonder if the televised version was equally far-fetched, and if my thorough enjoyment was squarely rooted in the pleasure of looking at the characters! ;)

  2. Err. yup... the plot was... em... forgetable... and lots of other silly stuff too but I was simply enthralled by the clothes and Miss Francesca's make up... she had the most perfect lipstick I have ever seen... :-) it was, in fact, just the ticket for 2.30am!!


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