Busy Busy Busy

Things are about to get really busy in the Billy household. On thursday we are off to Japan! I haven't thought about what to pack or what its going to be like and I know I should be excited about going but I simply haven't had the time. I hope that is a good thing.

The dry spring weather arrived so quickly and I wasn't ready for it... last year I ached with longing for the seed sowing season to begin... this year I have pretty much let is pass un noticed. According to Gardener's World on the telly I should have had my tomato seeds in already. But I simply can't plant anything that will need tender loving care as I am about to go away for a week and then my father is visiting for a while and then I have another trip to Spain coming up... I am behind in preparing the ground at the allotments and apart from a small bag of Maris Piper potatoes chitting in the garage I really am not ready.

I have decided to let the seedlings alone this year and I shall scout around the garden centres when time allows for small vegetable plants which I will pop into the ground straight away. In other words I am going to do my best. And I guess that is all that life can ask of me!

So... there will be silence for a week or so... and then I promise to tell you my impressions of Japan... OMG I'm going to Japan!!!


  1. Ohio!

    (The only Japanese word I know - and I don't know how to spell it properly - but I was told by a former colleague from Japan that this is a greeting.)

    Have a lovely trip and a safe return! My, you technobillies surely do get around :)

  2. Have a nice time in Japan. I haven't done much preparation in my garden either, as I want to go out more this year. I know I shall regret this when everyone else is enjoying their produce.

  3. Have a wonderful trip and we want photos

  4. How lovely - you lucky thing, I would love to visit Japan! Have a great time - can't wait to hear all about it.

    Agree with Frugal Life - we want photos!

  5. My next door neighbour went to Japan a couple of years ago and said it was brilliant.
    Bon voyage!


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