This is blatant advertising. I thought I would warn you before you read the post. As a number of my readers already know, I teach soap and toiletry making. I am, actually, quite passionate about the subject - especially soap. So much so, I have crammed loads of tutorials into my website Natural Skincare Made Easy, making it totally free for people to learn how to take control of their own skincare needs. I suspect that the real reason for my making it free is because I loathe with a vengeance the modern cosmetic and toiletry industry that by one simple sentence "because you're worth it" has made almost every woman on the planet feel totally 'worthless'. Well... that's a rant for another day!

I thought that once I put clear instructions of how to make soap on the website, I would no longer have any takers for my soap courses. This has been far from the case. The soap courses go from strength to strength. It would seem that most people prefer to watch someone do something, and then have a go themselves with the supervision of an experienced tutor. Well that's fine, but the one-day courses I run are totally jam packed full of theory as well as the practical and because of this it's a busy day - not just for the students (who often go home with their brains buzzing!) but it is very tiring for me too. So I have come up with a new course which I am launching today.

It's the Practical Soap Course. Students will be taught how to make soap safely (safety is very important with cold processed soapmaking) but apart from the safety aspect there will be no theory... just watching me make soap followed by having a go yourself. Recipes will be provided on the understanding that if you wish to tailor the recipes or change them in any way, you will have to do some research on the theory in your own time. The course runs on a Wednesday from 9am to 1pm (ish) and I don't take more than four students at a time - so plenty of quality time with me. It costs £40 per student (which is a big saving on the cost of a full day) and that includes all the equipment and ingredients you need to make a 500g batch of soap to take away with you.

I know that most of you do not live near me so it probably won't be an option for you... but you never know. A day out in Oxfordshire might be just what you are looking for, especially if you bring three friends with you to share the petrol costs!


  1. Oh, I wish SO MUCH I could take this class - it is exactly what would get me over the "do I dare?" hurdle of soap-making!

  2. Don't suppose i could Con you into coming over and helping me render 100# of beef tallow?
    I promise to give you some for your soap!

  3. I would love to come help you render beef tallow... I am banned from doing this at home... hubby just wouldn't even contemplate the smell... and as for the 'do I dare' syndrome... yes a lot of people suffer from this... and a course is actually the best way to overcome it. Well perhaps I will start a trend and other's will start doing short courses on soap too... you never know!

  4. I also have the 'do I dare' thing going on when it comes to soap making! I've managed to get hold of some digital scales (yay! for Freecycle!), so I'm just trying to pluck up the courage to have a go.

    Your Natural Skincare Made Easy site is really good, BTW :)


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