Home Sweet Home and OUCH!

I guess I know how Sarah felt when we were driving home from the hospital. It's such a relief to be back in familiar surroundings with all my things around me.

We left Spain yesterday morning - Sarah and Giles dropped us off at Almeria airport before going to get Sarah's staples removed. With her permission I am including this photograph... but if you are squeamish ... just scroll down quickly
. All staples are now gone and while the hair grows back I am sure a wide Alice band or scarf will suffice. The baby has come through all of this totally oblivious to everything. Even the anaesthetic they gave Sarah did not impinge on the baby... how very clever modern medicine is.

The immediate future for Sarah will be a medical assessment of exactly what her disabilities are and a programme of therapy will be decided upon according to this assessment... at least that is what I think Sarah was trying to tell us.

Although most of my readers out there are strangers to me, and my family, it has been really comforting to get so many lovely comments. For a while there my whole world was shaking and writing my blog simply made me feel less on my own - of course I wasn't on my own at all, but in situations like that it is very easy to see things as your own personal disastor. Why me? syndrome. Well... that passed and things are on an even keel now, and you all helped, thank you.

At home Sarah began improving almost immediately. She read my blog out loud, totally fluently. Yes there are some rather random gaps in her knowledge and making sentences on her own that actually convey what she wants to say is proving a challenge but hey... it's only been just over a week. Since arriving back in the UK I have been contacted by so many people who have suffered a similar thing or know someone who had this when they were only young like sarah. It is much more common than you would imagine and the younger you are the better the recovery. I had no idea but I have actually met someone my age who had a similar event when he was 29 and I would never have guessed. Because of all this amazing support I am becoming more confident that this will one day be renegated to the 'blip' department.

So we have left Sarah and Giles alone in their remote Andalucian village to recuperate. But am I worried about them being so far from home in a foreign country?
No, not one bit. It seems like the entire village has taken them to their hearts and are rallying round like a family in a crises. A simple walk two or three streets away took quite a while because everyone would stop and ask how Sarah was. No one seems to care about what you look like, or how much money you have or what clothes you wear... I really think they understand what is important in life. Your health, your family, your friends, good food and fun times... a little work (not too much!) a little fiesta... (regular social life) and Bob's your uncle.... recipe for a GOOD LIFE.
We didn't feel quite right doing any sight seeing on this particular trip but we couldn't help but take some photographs... as you will see... it is a very dramatic landscape and quite beautiful..
. and we are very tempted. Three years until we can retire... but I mustn't get ahead of myself. Now that I am home I have to see a dentist, then clean the house - Philly Billy did his best and it was fine but well... you know how it is... there are those little touches that only you can do! Then I must get out the seed catalogues and start planning the allotments... ah... I am looking forward to that. Almost time to start planting a few seeds... life is really wonderful isn't it?


  1. Jane! Wonderful news!! Such trauma for all of you! But glad it's all over - at least the worst ... I know what you mean about the lifestyle there - it's like that in Italy ... A proper good life.


  2. I am glad that everything seems to be going so well!

  3. What a relief for you that things are going well. Yes, life is wonderful, and you have a wonderfully brave daughter. Perhaps you can go for another visit in a few months time.

  4. I've been reading and praying through your entire adventure. The prayers will continue.


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