Am I on a Roller Coaster?

Just as I was taking a few days rest and recuperation, with the return visit to Scotland planned for mid week coming..., My step-mother passed away peacefully at 5:30am this morning.

I had two days soap teaching at Naked Soap (yesterday and today), and was in the heart of the Cotswolds in a lovely old stone cottage with no mobile phone signal when my husband managed to get the news through to me.

Since there was really nothing I could do very quickly, I finished the day's training and then jumped in the car for the one hour drive home... arriving just a few minutes ago. My journey up to Scotland is now booked for tomorrow and means a 5am start... so I am off to have a bath and pack my case... which has only just been unpacked from my Spain visit. This time I am travelling via Glasgow and enlisting the help of my wonderful cousins Winnie and Elspeth who are then going to come with me up north. I am so proud of them for dropping everything and insisting that I don't go on my own... and so thankful too... I don't know how long my tether is but I am sure the end of it is in sight!

Latest news from Spain - Sarah continues to improve on a daily basis... and it would appear that she has been very lucky. Still a long way off fluent conversations but who's complaining? Oh and if whoever is in charge of the roller coaster, is reading this... "Can I get off now please?"


  1. So sorry to hear about your step-mother, at least she had a peaceful passing. It's good that your cousins are going to help you, It's been such a stressful time for you recently, hasn't it? :(

    However, the news from Spain is good.

    As always, take time for yourself - the reaction to stress often doesn't hit until the stress has long gone, look after yourself. x

  2. Oh, just hang on and enjoy the ride!

  3. If your life has to be a fair-ground attraction, you can do a lot worse than living on the roller-coaster.
    Just think of the unlucky people who seem to live in the coconut shy.

  4. Yikes-with all you have been through lately, all I can think to say is-spring will come soon! Hang in there. xo


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