Now This is Personal

Is this the right place for a post like this? Maybe not... I am worried out of my mind and ... well... just writing it down might help. Here I am in the north of Scotland - Elgin in Moray to be precise. My step mother is not in a good way, however she is being looked after very well, it's my father who cannot come to terms with what has been happening.

So it is a strain and I am feeling like this is the most stressful thing I have had to cope with for a while and I am hoping that I can cope... and then...

Emergency phone call from Spain. My daughter who is only 32 has had a blood vessel burst in her brain and is in intensive care... (she is also 6 months pregnant with my first grandchild. A suprise I was keeping to spring on you later...) shock... incomprehension... numerous phone calls to family members and frantic bookings of flights and this morning I am flying back to London and then on to Madrid... staying overnight there and then flying first thing Saturday morning to Granada. Poor girl is having serious brain surgery this morning as I type this. And I am feeling like someone/thing out there has a vendetta against my children (and I'm taking this personal!!!) and need all the weapons I can get to fight back... please... if you believe in any kind of diety can you put a little word in for my Sarah-Jean.

Not sure when I will be able to update. But will let you know. All previous comments have been so welcome and so looked forward to.


  1. You're all in my thoughts and prayers. Take care - love Lucy xx

  2. Oh Jane, what a shock that must have been for you, I can't comprehend the anguish you must be going through, it must be every mothers worst nightmare. This is the right place to share your feelings Jane, please remember there are a lot of people that care for you.

    I don't think there is a vendetta against your children at all, it is all down to pure bad luck. You can't do anything about the random cards you were dealt at birth, who knows what is in store for you, things happen.

    It's times like this when your strength of character will be there for you. The love you have for your family shines out from the very words you speak, the evidence is in your blog.

    I hope and pray with all my heart that Sarah-Jean pulls through this one, and that your father and step mother get all the help they need. Big hugs, thinking of you. Ilona

  3. Amen on the prayer side and hope that you can find support for yourself.

  4. Thoughts sent and prayers said. x

  5. Lots of good thoughts for you and all your family!

  6. Praying and sending love and light. You are strong and brave and your family is lucky that you are there for them. I hope with all my heart that everything will be okay.

  7. I am praying for you and your family.

  8. I am lighting a candle and asking every one I know to send positive thoughts!

  9. You have my butterflies. Strong, loving, healing, beautiful, uplifting butterflies. May they bring you peace and help your daughter through this

  10. Keeping you family in my thoughts (((hugs)))

  11. I hope your daughter gets better! I will be praying for her! Do you have any pictures of her?


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