Is Someone Having a Laugh?

And at my expense too!! OK... yesterday we left the hospital in the afternoon and just went to the McDonalds again... and then I broke a tooth on my chicken burger! Half my tooth just sliced away! OK says I, phone the emergency number I have.... ah ... there are no dentists in Spain that sign up to the insurance scheme I am with so I have to pay for any treatment and bring the receipt back with me... and they MAY reimburse me!!

Well we drove the 150 kilometres back to my daughter's house via a dentist who was queued out the door and decided to come back the following morning as soon as he was open. Which we did. It was raining this morning as we went into the dentist (five minutes after opening time but still were number three in the queue)... an hour later (after finding that there was nothing really he could do except crown the tooth... not enough time for that, so I might as well wait until I get home - soup and mashed food for me from now on!) when we came out the rain had turned to snow... heavy snow and more falling.

To get to Granada from my daughter's house we have to drive through the La Mora pass.

And guess what? Yep... closed due to the snow. So we came home and watched the lorries and cars sliding around in the snow on the news.

After a few frantic phone calls we were able to talk to Sarah at her bedside... She sounded great, a few more words than yesterday and she didn't hardly muddle up any of them. It would seem that all prayers are working, I thank all of you wonderful people for that. We are even allowing ourselves the luxury of speculating when she will be able to come home.

Frustrating at not being able to see her today but it's raining now so hopefully the snow will all have cleared by tomorrow.

The view from Sarah's house yesterday.

The view from Sarah's house today...

I think I want to move to Spain now. But wherever I live, I will always be a long way away from one of my children!


  1. Teeth and various other parts of us can really let us down! Is that a photo of Olive trees in the snow? do they suffer?

  2. Yes it is olive trees and it snows here every year and they don't suffer in the least! and boy do they taste wonderful - the oil made in the village is also amazing! Shall be bringing some home with me that's for sure. snow melting this morning so off to hospital shortly. :-)


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