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1st Step

Coming Home. Back as an out patient for removal of the stitches... but what a relief. Still some words missing and we had a little fun getting dressed... some articles of clothing are a little confusing! Huge relief I can tell you. Billy Steve and I fly home on Sunday so I probably wont post until after then. Thank you all for your prayers and kind thoughts, I know that they helped... Sarah's journey is just beginning but she has taken the first step towards recovery and I hope that one day in the not too distant future she will be able to start a blog of her own...(that was always the plan once she had her own laptop... well she has one now).

The Journey Begins

The snow stayed only one day and the roads cleared very quickly. The La Mora Pass still had snow around the edges but with the sun out that is thankfully disappearing fast. The drive to Granada is long enough without the worry of the snow. Sarah continues to improve on a daily basis and it is now becoming apparent how much damage has been done. There are gaps in her memory and she has lost a lot of words and communication skills. She repeats a lot of what you say to her... sometimes it is a clue that she hasn't understood the sentence, but other times she has understood and is just repeating it. We know that she is in there and we don't want to patronise her by treating her as if she were stupid... but it's difficult to talk normally when you are constantly checking to see if she has understood. Her Spanish language almost totally disappeared yesterday but today she was understanding Spanish. When asked if the doctors had spoken to her she said yes but then was u

Is Someone Having a Laugh?

And at my expense too!! OK... yesterday we left the hospital in the afternoon and just went to the McDonalds again... and then I broke a tooth on my chicken burger! Half my tooth just sliced away! OK says I, phone the emergency number I have.... ah ... there are no dentists in Spain that sign up to the insurance scheme I am with so I have to pay for any treatment and bring the receipt back with me... and they MAY reimburse me!! Well we drove the 150 kilometres back to my daughter's house via a dentist who was queued out the door and decided to come back the following morning as soon as he was open. Which we did. It was raining this morning as we went into the dentist (five minutes after opening time but still were number three in the queue)... an hour later (after finding that there was nothing really he could do except crown the tooth... not enough time for that, so I might as well wait until I get home - soup and mashed food for me from now on!) when we came out the rain h


I am sooooo sorry for leaving you all on such a cliff hanger. Well it's good news! The surgeons gave Sarah a 50:50 chance of surviving the five hour surgery - and she did!!! They are very happy with her, they removed all the clotting and the prognosis is good. I heard the news at Gatwick when my husband met me off the plane from Inverness... we transferred quickly to a flight to Madrid - which was delayed and finally landed in Spain around 10pm. We then found our hotel (tired... anxious, pissed off... long story... but we finally got there!) and had four hours sleep before returning to the airport for our connecting flight to Granada. When my son in law (and his parents who had driven down from the south of france - 17 hour drive with no stopover) met us at the airport we discovered that visiting times are strictly adhered to, and it's half an hour from 1:30pm to 2pm and then again at 5:30pm to 6pm... and only two people allowed at the bedside. By the time I saw her I wa

Now This is Personal

Is this the right place for a post like this? Maybe not... I am worried out of my mind and ... well... just writing it down might help. Here I am in the north of Scotland - Elgin in Moray to be precise. My step mother is not in a good way, however she is being looked after very well, it's my father who cannot come to terms with what has been happening. So it is a strain and I am feeling like this is the most stressful thing I have had to cope with for a while and I am hoping that I can cope... and then... Emergency phone call from Spain. My daughter who is only 32 has had a blood vessel burst in her brain and is in intensive care... (she is also 6 months pregnant with my first grandchild. A suprise I was keeping to spring on you later...) shock... incomprehension... numerous phone calls to family members and frantic bookings of flights and this morning I am flying back to London and then on to Madrid... staying overnight there and then flying first thing Saturday morning to


I may have mentioned sometime before Christmas that my step mother went into a nursing home. Well, she didn't settle down too well, in fact, she hasn't settled at all. She has Parkinsons and is 83 and the brain has slowed down a little. On some days she is fine but other days she is really not with it at all. Back in September she fell off her commode and broke her upper arm. My father, who is 86, couldn't possibly look after her so she had to stay in hospital for some time until it healed. She then came home for week or two during which time it became obvious that my father could not cope with her. Since then she has been in a care home. Apparently it is rather posh but she doesn't seem to like it at all. Since all control over her life has been taken over by other people - many of whom are strangers (doctors, nurses, social workers) - she has retreated inside herself and is protesting in the only way she knows how. Refusing to eat, throwing (sorry spilling)

Promises Promises

During the recent festivities (which have now faded into dim memory - which is traditional I believe) I mentioned a couple of recipes which I promised to divulge... well... I have one, the other has gone missing... and I am really annoyed about it... but I have searched everywhere and can't find it so the Chocolate Liqueur recipe is from memory and I can't vouch for it's final outcome... sorry. Recipe One Chocolate Liqueur. this is very very sweet and chocolatey and does not taste too strongly of alcohol. If you want a more potent taste then reduce the sugar syrup amount slightly. Ingredients 1 x 1litre bottle of cheap vodka or white rum. half the quantity of the bottle of alcohol in water - i.e. if you have 1 litre of vodka use half a litre of water. half the quantity of the water in caster sugar - i.e. if you have half a litre of water, use 250g sugar. 30g Good quality Cocoa powder (it is ok to use cheap vodka or rum but since the chocolate is the important taste it


Of course I am talking about the snow. The first day it's exciting and a bit scary if you are out and about and the roads are getting blocked. Then it starts to feel a little bit like the end of the world when the bread and milk run out at the supermarket... and then you bunker down for what promises to be a long wait for the thaw... and then.... and then... well it's really just too much!!!! It's snowing AGAIN!!! Being pretty much confined to the house and having finished all the frantic knitting projects for Christmas presents I am now suffering knitting withdrawal symptoms. So I thought first I would show you ALL the socks I knitted as gifts (did I hear someone mutter... boring... ? Pipe down! It's my blog....) ....and then I thought I would show you the 'multi-colour dream socks' that I made with all the little left over bits of wool. Pretty cool eh? I am about to start on a twin for that sock but of course it will not be exactly the same... I

I remember when....

A little bit of snow and people start reminiscing about past winters and snowfalls of their childhood... and I am no different really. I do get annoyed when I hear on the news comparisons of this little freeze we are having with the winters of 1977/78 and 1963. I suppose it does depend upon where you were living at the time but for me, this is nothing, compared with those times. In 1963 I lived in Cornwall. Our house had no central heating - a wood/coke burning stove in the kitchen and a coal fire in the sitting room and a movable paraffin heater. I remember opening the back door to look for the two pints of milk which would normally be sat on the doorstep waiting for us only to see a complete wall of snow that reached up to the top of the door jamb. And my mother saying "I don't suppose the milk man has been then!" My poor mother, she suffered badly with asthma and after a phone call to the doctor (made from a public phone booth which was a good 1/4 mile's tre

Christmas in Japan

One of the reasons that Christmas was so flat for me this year has to be that my youngest daughter was not at home. Although at university near Osaka she spent Christmas in Tokyo with her Canadian friend. Here is a few excerpts of what they got up to... We got packed, said goodbye to people, got down to the bus stop... and realised someone had misread the time on our night bus tickets. So we didn't have two and a bit hours to get to Kyoto Station, we had one. This is a journey that takes an hour and a half. On a good day. We DID miss the bus, but thankfully (Mainly, I think, due to our blank expressions of non-understanding) the guy in the ticket office was able to get us tickets on the next one, and thus we embarked on a long night of much cramp and little sleep, a little later than planned, but overall it could have been worse. --- Day two started EARLY. I quickly found myself in charge of navigation (I took one look at the Tokyo Metro map and wept happy tears of familia

Happy New Year?

I do not intend to be morbid today, but unfortunately I am one of those people who suffer badly from depression during the festive season. While most folk are out party-ing and generally having a good time, I find myself feeling increasingly sad and definitely not in the mood for fun. This time of year seems to focus the mind on some very negative things and it takes a supreme effort for me to get out of it. While everyone is looking back at the year past and making their new years resolutions with the hope of actually being able to stick to them this year... I find myself stuck at the looking back bit. This year especially I have been reminded of how fleeting and fragile it all is and acutely aware of how important it is to 'sieze the day' I start to panic because the 'day' seems to be already gone and I somehow lost it. I know that in a few days I will start to feel better and begin to get it all together again but every year I promise myself that I will not do