A Special Visitor

Did I mention in my last post that I was expecting a special visitor? Perhaps I was a bit uptight because of this... well... here he is.........

..... my big brother! I haven't seen him for over two years and before that it was two years previous and every visit is fleeting... he arrived last night about 7 o'clock... it's just about mid-day here now and he has already left. It's not that he doesn't like us, it's a lifestyle that he chose many years ago when he was still a teenager. He travels - has a house in Scotland that he barely sees, works in Kazakstan, will be Christmas-ing in Thailand and then New Year in Osaka, Japan.

He turns up - sometimes un-announced after a long quiet absence and then disappears again into... we don't always know. He is single so he doesn't have to ask anyone's permission or approval to do whatever he wishes. He is mysterious, interesting, always excellent company and my children love him, have always loved him, he's cool in a way mum and dad are not, and in spite of being older than me... still somehow in touch with his youth and the young... and then there's the magic vanishing trick.

He came bearing gifts both new and old. Photographs and memories that he no longer has room for. Our past and other people long gone. It intrigues me that a photograph you may not consider to be especially good at the time will somehow survive and perhaps be the only one that travels on into the future generations - and that is how you will be remembered... by chance, and perhaps not as you hoped.

A silk bedspread from Cambodia - AMAZING! The pillow cases also silk - but not matching, and he can't remember where he got them.


He also brought 3 electric guitars and other musical bits and bobs for PhillyBilly - discarded hobbies long gathering dust in a mostly empty house. There are other presents too, wine straight from the vineyards in France, carefully folded money in envelopes with children's names written on them. We have a special meal, the wine flows, the conversation is jolly, we talk into the wee small hours. Breakfast is a little more sombre, but relaxed and cheerful with promises of longer visits to come and better weather and in a flurry of hats and coats and hugs and kisses he vanishes once again.

Mmmm... sounds like someone else we know...


  1. Wow! A man of mystery indeed! What does he do??? x

  2. How lovely for youto see your brother after all that time.

    That bedspread is beautiful! Such a lovely present :)

  3. How exciting, a lovely surprise, erm....single eh :-) I have an elusive younger brother, not seen him for years, in India I think.

  4. Well Julia... we often wonder what he does(!) there has been rumours of the James Bond type and also of the Escort Agency type (he is one for the ladies... though no one permanent Ilona) but no, the truth is a little more mundane... he works for the oil industry... and the bedspread looks so much better than it photographs... the colour is a rich burnt orange...


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