Just warning you...

BAH HUMBUG!!!! Actually I am not naturally a Bah Humbug sort of person... but increasingly becoming so. This is the house opposite ours........ can you spot it? Yes, their Christmas decorations went up a week ago!!! I'll say that again... A WEEK AGO!

This is the house two doors along from them... their decorations went up last weekend. LAST WEEKEND.

The first lot have an excuse of sorts... they have young children... but the people in the house above are about 90 years old and all their children are grown up. What is the date today? And when is Christmas?

Whatever happened to putting up the tree on Christmas eve?

When I had the soap company I used to begin making my Christmas stock in August. The sun would be shining brightly, high in the sky and I would be ordering festive ribbons and glitter and Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils. By the time it got to early December I was always so fed up of Christmas that I simply could not get excited or festive about it. The crazy commercialism that overwhelms ordinarily quite sane people is frightening... I just remember thinking 'I hope I'm not like that'...

Every year we have dragged the family kicking and screaming back from the brink of total festive lunacy. It has been a struggle - especially when the children were younger... its all very well saying lets make all our christmas presents but when all they want is an x box or a wii you can't help but feel you are going to spoil the big day for them. So it has been a slow process... a negotiation and a compromise until now...

Hoorah for now!! Christmas can finally be just what we want it to be. We are not putting up a tree - we have a garland of dried hops for the fireplace and we are planning a nature walk to find more greenery... I say WE because BillySteve and I will go together along with Fergus and a flask of hot tea (hopefully the rain will have stopped by then!) and then we will make garlands and sprays of greenery and a few decorations to adorn the sitting room and the front door.

We are planning the meal together and it includes a visit on Christmas morning to our allotment to harvest the brussel sprouts - which are small but perfect and will no doubt be just the right size come the big day. We have absolutely insisted that everyone - whether our favourite person in the world or not gets a hand made present .. and most are finished... only two more to go.

And there is a total ban on putting up the decorations until Christmas eve.

And you know what... I am so excited! It's going to be great...


  1. There are a few houses with tacky decorations up around me, though thankfully not that close. We have a retired doctor in the village who does a lovely display for passing children, all very tastefull with the nativity scene. I noticed they have made a start but it takes them a couple of weeks to get it all set up and organised.


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