How Romantic

I was wombling around the internet, as you do, when I came across this blog. Now I have to be honest that I tend not to read blogs that are overtly Christian. I hope my Christian readers will not take offence at this, it's just my own viewpoint... BUT.... I was very intrigued by this young lady's lifestyle... and apart from her religious beliefs (which are entirely her own affair) I think she lives a wonderful life, a life many of us would aspire to.

In fact it seems to be a romantic dream - does it look romantic (idyllic) because I am viewing it from afar? Or is she only posting about certain aspects of her life that give this impression? Well I guess we all pick and choose what to post about. I am sure she has boring chores to do, wants to rage against her parents from time to time ( is she not human?), and all the rest of the stuff that normal daily life consists of. And then I wondered if our lives are somehow made better by the fact that we post about them? After all, we now have an audience to comment and re-affirm our lifestyle choices. We are praised for being good, commiserated with for feeling sad and get plenty of ooh's and ah's when we create things with our knitting or sewing or baking.

I think her parents have been very strong and wise in their lifestyle choices and especially to choose what their children watch on the tv - most of it is very damaging to young people. To try and take life back to a simple time (were times ever simple?)

where we imagine that people were more in touch with what really matters, is what many of us want to do - but of course we have to live in the real world at the same time and juggle jobs, children and lack of funds... See Bright and New's latest post... and you will see how romantic striving for a simple life truly is.

I must re-iterate that I LOVE Mia's blog, I especially like her choice of clothes and the beautiful photographs that she takes. In fact I loved it so much I let a pot of Rosemary infusion boil dry while I was reading it

- it was supposed to be for my hair today... got a visitor tonight and I wanted to look my best, and then I thought... perhaps it doesn't matter if the house is not perfect, if my life isn't presented as a wonderful dream - it should be ok to be just me. To have mud on the floor because it hasn't stopped raining for a month.... fall behind in the bread making and have to go to the shops and buy a loaf! And to not have time to take any new photographs that relate to this particular post!! Now I'm off to have a bath... yes in the middle of the day and it's not even Sunday!!


  1. ps. if anyone wonders if I'm in a bad mood... then yes I am... why? We turned the heating down by 2 degrees (money saving endeavour) and the house is absolutely freezing - extra clothes and shawl does not make me feel any better!

  2. In your post, you said:

    "and then I thought... perhaps it doesn't matter if the house is not perfect, if my life isn't presented as a wonderful dream - it should be ok to be just me."

    It's wonderful to be just you and of course it doesn't matter if the house is not perfect! I suspect that you know this, anyway :)

    I hope you enjoyed that bath of yours - a long soak has a magical way of soothing away most bad moods!

  3. Mia's blog is lovely, thanks, I shall be dipping into that again.

    Now I am able to have a bath I prefer to soak in the daytime. It feels very naughty but nice, knowing there are so many people out there toiling to earn a crust.


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