Whoah Noah!!

Will it NEVER stop? I swear I can hear the sound of Noah and his clan hammering away in the distance - I am beginning to feel like we really will need that ark after all.... "Come back Noah!! I am sorry I said all that stuff about hell freezing over etc....!"

Look at my hennie enclosure - it's all MUD and the Oxfordshire soil is all clay so it wont drain away, and just as I think the sun is out a huge dirty black cloud comes looming over, yesterday I had the weird experience of pelting rain in the back garden and brilliant sunshine out the front! WTF is going on? I have had to let the hens out of the enclosure to forage a bit in the garden so that they can at least dry their feet off a bit.

BillySteve hates them being let loose because they scratch and scratch at everything... but... all the veggies are gone and they do eat the slugs and snails that hide at the edges of the raised beds... and anyway, he's out at work and I'm just going to set them free!! Fly Free my pretties!!!

Oh but I am sooooooooo tired of the rain. Everthing is wet and grey and miserable. Fergus gets soaked every time we go for a walk - even if we stick to the path, his legs are too close to the ground you see and it flicks up onto his belly. He's just come back from the puppy parlour and I really don't want to take him out for a walk, he looks so clean and cute...

Maybe I'll just close the curtains and snuggle up next to him and we can hibernate until spring. I WISH!


  1. That's one happy little dog! I would love to have hens again, not possible where we are living at the moment. I always find them relaxing, entertaining and comforting. I've enjoyed reading back through your posts.

  2. Aaahhhhh, I want a Fergus, he's lovely. He needs some wellies and a little pacamac :-)

    We haven't had much rain up here in the last few days, a shower at night, but ok in the daytime.


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