Techno and Billy

It's been a busy weekend at our house... we've been a little bit Techno... and quite a lot Billy!!

The Techno came in the shape of this little gadget..... attach this bit to your electricity supply wire like so....

.........and it displays exactly how much electricity you are using at any moment... you can set it to show you how much money you are spending... this is showing that we are spending 9p per hour at the moment.. it ranges from around 2 or 3 pence in the mornings and has gone up to 44 pence when I'm cooking dinner... it has made us think very carefully about what other gadgets we have running... and we can work out exactly which ones are costing us the most simply by turning one off (or on) and watching how the money goes up or down. I know that we could simply run around the house and turn stuff off - and of course we should... but there is nothing quite like seeing the money being spent to focus the mind!

The Billy side of the weekend has been mostly up at the allotment. In true Billy fashion we were given an old shed - which had definitely seen better days - and having lain on the ground for two weeks waiting for the rain to stop, we finally had an opportunity to get it up...

A bit of hard work, a few panels replaced and new felt on the roof and it will last us a few years yet. I plan to paint it with something zany too... but it was too wet to do it today... perhaps in the spring.

The amount of rain we have had recently is a worry at the allotment. The ground here is clay - and nothing drains away, which means that things like onion and garlic can so easily simply sit in the wet and rot away. So I bought some sand to plant my garlic in. I've already put some in without it but thought I would do the last few cloves with sand just to make sure I have something to harvest next year.

First I made a hole, then I popped the sand in...

............then the garlic ... and then some more sand. Fingers crossed now.

Talking of harvest... I am still getting radish from the allotment, and some chinese cabbage.

Looks like someone else has been eating them too....

I don't mind sharing a bit....

There's usually enough for everyone.

Now I just need a week of dry and sunny days so that I can get some digging done. These are the supports waiting for my little fruit trees, but I can't get them in, until the ground dries out enough for me to dig it over and remove the weeds... it's bind weed... and I don't want that growing up my apples and pears.

As far as a week of dry days goes... I think I may be out of luck there by the looks of the weather forecast. But I could always sit in the shed and drink tea!


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