So what did I do at the weekend?

OK... so everyone now knows that I don't especially like halloween. So... how did I spend the day? Well... look at these.........

I swapped half a dozen eggs for all these grapes. They were left for the birds on a neighbours vine and so I thought I would ask... (well if you don't ask...)

and a few hours later they looked like this.........

and then an hour of squishing and squashing

(alas too cold to get the shoes and socks off so it was hands only!) and they looked like this.......

They are now fermenting away with some sugar and next weekend we shall transfer them to demijohns and add a little more sugar...

and then... so I am told... they will magically turn in to wine. Now that's the kind of Halloween magic I could go for!


  1. That's interesting, you had a heck of a good swap there. Any invites for tasting sessions


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