Lets Hear It for the Chickens!!

Hip Hip Hooray for all the hard work our hens have done this year... and mine especially, having had a very difficult year with infestations of red mite and near death experiences,... and they are still laying. You may remember my post about eggs being seasonal and how to preserve them... well having read the latest post from the Untidy Farm; there is a link there to even more information about preserving eggs and a jolly good 'Hurrah' for the chicken which I second whole-heartedly.

You may also remember me saying that BillySteve doesn't like our girls getting out into the main garden... but their enclosure is still so very muddy - and it is still raining off and on pretty much every day, so I keep letting them out. Its causing ructions I can tell you.... and it isn't helped by cheeky Eggy and Peggy sitting on top of the garden chairs and peering in the kitchen window when I am cooking dinner!

Eggy and Peggy are evacuees from my friend over at Marmalade Kiss who also had a dreadful red mite infestation this year and after desperate prolonged attempts to get rid of them had to admit defeat and send the hens away. I was more than happy to take them in and they have integrated really well into my little flock and proved to be two of the most friendly and funny birds I have ever had.

They enjoy getting stroked and are the first to follow me about the garden. Its the funniest thing to see them streaking across the ground towards me... all the time clucking away 'have you got anything for me?' Oh alright that's a bit Enid Blyton but I am sure you get the picture.

So hurrah for the Hens and a huge THANK YOU to them for all the wonderful eggs this year, which of course made all the wonderful Pavlova's and Sponge Cakes and Pancake breakfasts, not to mention the egg and chips for saturday tea's! Well done girls!!


  1. Eggy and Peggy are absolute sweeties. We really miss them.

  2. Eggy and Peggy are so picturesque perched upon your garden chairs! Lovely girls-


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