Japan - with extra sparkles!

Those who have been following my blog will remember that BillyChristina is in Japan studying at Kansai university until next June. She drops us an occasional email and believe me I have asked for photo's until I am blue in the face!! But for now... only the words paint the pictures.

'I was away over the weekend and it's taken me a couple of days to get back up to speed. It's finally got cold here (And it's got COLD - it dropped from 26 degrees at the weekend to 11 degrees today) which we timed very badly to coincide with going up a mountain (Visited Japan's only original surviving castle today - I will try and get all my photos sorted this week so I can send you some finally!) and going to Kyoto in full kimono.

Actually managed to assemble myself a full ensemble mostly from flea markets and second hand fair - currently I have a black under-robe (Self striped solid and semi-sheer) and the over kimono is rust red with black and silver baroque embroidery. Then my obi is buff brocaded in gold and chocolate brown, with a blue and grey sash around the top and a chocolate brown tie on the centre. I will hunt round all my friends because obviously I didn't manage to get any pictures of myself on my camera! I managed to pick up two raw silk obi in a junk shop today as well (For 500 yen, which is about £3.50 - for silk!) one in powder blue with embroidery and one in cerise brocade - so it's really easy to find these things very cheap, I will take you to the flea markets when you come visit me and I should be able to dress you up properly by then too! It still takes me forever to dress myself and then old ladies come up to us on the train and just fix our obi for us because we've tied bits wrong.

Got to get to bed, got a test in the morning (Doing really well in Japanese so I'm trying to keep it up) so I will say bye bye for now (Or 'bai bai!' as it is here)
Loads of love, Christina'


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