Swine Flu and Rice Pudding

Poor PhillyBilly has the flu. Is it swine flu? Heck I don't know. I mean it's bad flu... so is that swine flu? Anyway, some kind of remedy was called for. I guess chicken soup is the tradition. And my chicken soup is good... but, well I am trying not to go shopping mid-week. It's a bid to save money, be more organised, and simply do one shop and make it last a week... and I don't have the makings for chicken soup.

I know! I'll make a good old-fashioned rib-sticking rice pudding! I pulled out the Mrs Beeton's and turned to the correct page. Goodness! You boil the rice in water until it's cooked and then add it to the milk with some butter and marrow fat(?) and 4 eggs and then it goes into the oven and is baked for nearly 2 hours... mmmm. It sounds rib sticking to me but perhaps a little more elaborate than I have time for.
...and by the way... do you know that the pleasant looking lady above is The Mrs Beeton. Everyone assumed that she was an elderly very experienced cook - when in fact she died aged 28, and was a compiler of recipes, hints and tips and not a cook at all. Her husband Mr Samuel Beeton did a first rate PR job and most of her readers never even knew that she had died. Especially since the original book was updated and re-published for decades afterwards.
I know... I'll turn to my next standby when I am looking for good, plain, old-fashioned cooking. Delia Smith. Now her recipe seems a little more manageable.

You put the rice and milk into a saucepan and bring to the simmer. You cook the rice at a gentle simmer until it's soft and then take it off the heat. Next you add some sugar and some butter and stir it until it melts.

Then you let it cool a bit before adding three eggs, some lemon zest and some grated nutmeg on the top, then it's into the oven for 30 to 40 minutes.

It definitely was rib-sticking! But totally delicious! I had mine with a dollop of cream and PhillyBilly had a spoonful of home made blackcurrant jam with his.

It was all very reminiscent of childhood, nursery teas in front of the fire, scratchy woolly dressing gowns and tartan slippers adorned with pom poms ... snow up to the windowsill outside and a cold draught lifting the edge of the rug!!

No, I never had a nanny, and nursery tea's were not a big feature in my childhood. But if they had been.........

Ah Rice Pudding!!

But will it cure swine flu? Does it matter?


  1. Goodlord Jane!!! You have suddenly turned into an internet wizzard!!! LOVE the skulls! The new look is BRILLIANT! Must have taken you ages!! xx

  2. Your food always looks delicious, I can almost taste and smell it, yummmmmy

  3. Yummy! Sounds absolutely delish. Love your blog by the way ... :0)


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