Sock it to me!

I don't know where the desire came from... but it has been growing for some time now... and I don't know what suddenly made me decide to do it... but the urge was strong. I suspect that perhaps I watched too many old war time films or read too many of my vintage women's magazines from the early 20th century... but I have had a really strong desire to knit some socks.

Now you have to understand that I am not an especially good knitter. I have only once managed to knit myself a jumper (though I have started a few) and it ended up being used as a full length winter dressing gown by my neice when she was away at uni. It didn't start off that long... but that is the thing about my knitting... it always seems to grow... of its own accord that is. but I hoped that socks would be different... since they are obviously a quick project... and don't take up too much wool.

I decided to buy a kit. And then because I couldn't wait for it to arrive I went shopping and bought some wool and needles and got a free pattern with the wool... and then.... I began to knit.

Now the first pair did get a little large and in fact PhillyBilly is wearing them now... (that's them above... the pinky ones!) but he thinks they are cool - kind of eco warrior socks.

The one's below are presents for someone so shhhhhhhh. Don't tell. But she has the same size feet as me so I modelled them for the photograph. There was enough wool left over to make a little pouch into which I put some dried lavender that I brought home from France. That's a nice thing to put in your sock drawer.

I think everyone is getting socks for Christmas now. They are sooooo easy to make... and the yarns you can get nowadays are totally fab!! All of these socks are knitted with just one yarn... some of them look like fairisle don't they? It's sooooo clever.

This is the pair I made for BillySteve... but it's me modelling them for the photograph.


  1. Lovely socks! Lucky giftees!

    Sock-knitting has become an exciting part of my life since ravelry, but they sure don't fly off the needles the way yours do! And I still find it a bit challenging, not quite "soooo easy." But it IS Soooo Much Fun!

  2. They are soo coool Jane! But you didn't mention the 'magic' .. x

  3. Hooray! I love knitting socks, and the self striping yarn is a thrill. Nice work, keeping your loved ones' toes warm and cozy.

  4. I want to knit socks, but I cant knit! I keep practicing and failing. I can just about crochet though, can I crochet socks?


  5. I dont see why you couldnt crochet socks... perhaps it needs a google to find a pattern. :-) and Julia, I don't know what you mean about 'magic'... no, really, I don't!

  6. I love brightly coloured socks, they are fab. I don't knit much because as you say, it grows by itself.

  7. So glad I'm not the only one who has self growing knitting!! lol

  8. I have the same 'urge' to knit socks, but like you am not a great knitter. but you've inspired me. I've got the needles I think I may have to go and get some of that lovely wool. wish me luck!!!

  9. Definitely! good luck coming your way! My first pair were not perfect... but they have just got better and better since then... mind you with the nice wools I haven't been tempted to try any fancy stitches... well you don't have to with all those wonderful new yarns.


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