BillyJon has just telephoned me... he's at 3,000 metres up having walked all day - and he is exhausted. He said everyone was tired but everyone had managed the climb so far and that although he wasn't in pain at the moment he expected to feel it later. When they started off this morning at 10am (local time) it was sunny and there were monkeys jumping through the trees. By lunch time it was pouring with rain and they had to stop and put on their gortex bad weather gear. He also said that Peta had been walking with him and helping him, good for her, she suffers from asthma so I am sure it isn't a walk in the park for her either. From now on they will be taking it slowly so hopefully they will not have any altitude problems. They expect to be on the top on Thursday. I will keep you posted!


  1. Well done to BillyJon, you must be pleased that he rang you.

  2. Impressive! Hope all continues to go well.

  3. Woot!
    thats wonderful!
    looking forward to the updates!


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