BillyJon did it!! Telephone call a few minutes ago to say he had just come off the top of Mount Kilimanjaro!!!!!! He was totally exhausted and very emotional, was going to have an hours sleep before setting off for the journey back down - equally arduous if not more so - his splints are not designed to slope his foot downwards. They are all such brave boys and girls!!

We are delighted. It's champagne for breakfast today!!


  1. Brilliant news Jane!! Such an acheivement. You must be so very proud of your son. xxx

  2. That's wonderful news, Jane, a son in a million you've got there.

  3. OH!!! The is wonderful news!
    what an accomplishment!
    now he knows that anything is possible..
    and clapping hands jumping up and down with excitement!

  4. Hooray for BillyJon. This is great news. I am so happy for you guys.


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