Before Summer is a Distant Memory

I thought I would sum up what I have been up to during the summer months... something to think back on during the long dark days of winter ahead.

We took over a huge allotment project.

And while persuading the weeds to leave, Mother Nature gave me a present.

We did some fund raising for charity. By the way its only two weeks until BillyJon climbs Kilimanjaro... will keep you posted on that one!

Had a disastor with my hens which meant purchasing this very whizzy hen house.

Had an amazing trip to France... here is Carcassone one of my most favourite medieval towns ...

And from the Chateau at Foix... looking out towards the Pyrenees and Andorra...

And when out walking in the hills, Mother Nature gave me another present.

And I said goodbye to my little girl for a whole year... who is actually very grown up and is now at university in Japan. Here she is on the day she left... putting a last few things into her flight bag.

My mother in law had a special birthday and a special birthday party was called for. Complete with line dancing!

Then we went to Glasgow for another family event and took my father down memory lane... here he is outside the house where he was born in 1923.

We took him into the city centre to visit all the places he remembered from his youth and they were having a carnival! They must have known he was coming home he said.

And we found out that Bella's days are numbered. Here she is in her favourite spot on the carpet that covers the compost heap... the autumn apples are falling around her but she doesn't seem to mind at all.

And as if we needed any more reminders that autumn time is here....

..........the view from my conservatory window is all red and gold. All in all it has been a good summer season and now it's time to let it go and embrace the autumn and the winter to come.


  1. Thanks for the post. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  2. What a lovely post. I've been getting stuck in miserable weather and not thought to actually celebrate like this the good times this year.I may just copy it, but you know what they say about imiatation.....

  3. You have had quite a year!

  4. Hi Fire Byrd - It's just really my reluctance to let go of the wonderful summer we have had. Do copy... I look forward to reading it!! And indeed it has been busy this year... and not over yet!


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