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Bye bye the summer of 2009!

The summer is fading fast... it's getting colder and the hens are off to bed at 7pm! They don't seem to lay less in the winter than in the summer in spite of what the text books say, so it's hard to believe that there was a time when eggs were seasonal... but apparently there was. I recently came across a recipe for storing eggs (!) which involves setting them at a very gentle simmer (water barely trembling) with some onion skins for a whole 6 hours. After which you shine up the shells with olive oil or fat and then store them away in the dark. Apparently they will keep for up to 40 years!! I freeze mine if I have too many. Oh yes, you can freeze eggs. You crack them into freezer bags (I do them in two's or threes as these are good quantities for recipes) and pierce the yolks with a skewer. Then pop them into the freezer. Of course they are only useful for cakes or scrambled once defrosted.... I have managed to store some produce from the garden this year.

Pricelessly French

When I used to have the soap company, I mainly sold my soap at craft fairs and farmer's markets. My favourite was always the farmer's market. I used to load the car the day before with everything I would need and then set off very early in the morning. On cold mornings I used to think about the market stall holders of medieval times who would possibly be pulling a cart or carrying their wares on their back all the way to the market, many would walk through the night or arrive the day before and sleep under their stall. The one thread that connected us was the same thoughts and desires, will I have a good day? Will the customers like the new product? How shall I arrange my new display? Now that I am no longer selling soap I still enjoy the markets but as a customer this time! The markets in France were stunning... I was really in my element! Here is the knife and scissor sharpener... you could believe that only his clothes have changed over the centuries! And some pe

Vive La France!!

This year we spent our annual holiday in the South of France with friends. Actually they are more than friends as they are our eldest daughter's in-laws (think about it...) which makes them family. We were really looking forward to going... it's been a hard couple of years for us and we really haven't felt like we've had a holiday for a long long time. Billy Steve decided to drive... and because we were taking Billy Fergus with us we chose the Chunnel rather than the ferry... on the ferry dogs have to stay in the car and people go up to the upper decks, we didn't want to leave Billy Fergus alone all that time. Here he is settled down in the back seat with the picnic bag. When we opened the windows he was really keen to sniff all the strange new smells. We left on a Saturday morning getting to Folkestone about lunch time. How cool is this... a train that you can drive into. And then 35 minutes later... Nous sommes en France!! We made a rest stop alm

Practice for the Big Challenge!

October is fast approaching and Billy Jon is training hard for his big challenge. This week he went with his dad and a couple of mates to Wales and they treked up Mt. Snowdon. Snowdon is six times smaller than Kilimanjaro but its a steep climb in places so it was good practice for him. Altogether they had two days of climbing... Devil's kitchen and Y Garn on the first day and then Snowdon itself on the second day. An ITN cameraman went with them as they are filming the Kilimanjaro challenge and including some of the training as well. Apparently there is a Page 3 girl going with them on the Kilimanjaro challenge. Fancy that! (well I bet they all do!) she will have to put some clothes on though. The weather was ... well... typically Welsh! The photographs illustrate it well. On day one Billy Jon was actually scrambling and climbing rather than walking but he managed it and in fairly good spirits in spite of the rain! All the same he was quite exhausted by the time the

Bon Voyage

to a very excited Billy Christina who went to Japan last Sunday.......... She will be gone for a whole year. Her bedroom just as she left it.... Jewellery box open and rifled... only the discarded, no longer popular items remain, clothes flung here and there, linen basket full to overflowing. Bed unmade... dolls and teddy bears sat neatly on the shelf, staring... and the house is very quiet.... ......................and Billy Jane only has boys left to talk to.