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Today I have an announcement. I have a new website and although it isn't finished, it's time to let it loose upon the world. I hope that I have done enough to let everyone see what it will become... once totally finished.

It is about Natural Skincare.

I hope that you all don't instantly turn off and click away right now. You see I have always been interested in having lovely skin... because I never did when I was young. I was plagued by acne and excema and rashes and itches and allergies to this, that and the other. And because I used 'the stuff the doctor gave me'.... I basically ruined my complexion for life. And yet... from time to time I get compliments on my skin. I put it down to my casting spells on people... if I talk enough about all the wonderful natural things you can use on your skin I think people start to believe that I have a flawless complexion and that's what they see.

But of course I don't, and I'm not obsessed with getting rid of my wrinkles either or looking younger... I LOVE my wrinkles, they tell all about the amazing life I have had and all the wonderful things that have happened to me...

And although I have used henna on my hair for the last year or so... I actually liked my grey hair too.... Of course I am not going to show you the photographs but I have been through periods when my appearance was downright awful... mostly due to emotional stresses that with me, seem to reflect almost instantly in the physical... but also because I am sensitive to just about every mass-produced skincare product you can buy in the shops. And so... ever since the age of 15 I have been making stuff to put on my face. If I needed to.. I could manage all my skincare needs just by rifling through the kitchen cupboard... no need for exotic or expensive ingredients... but of course I do love the exotic (and some expensive) ingredients too... but they weren't available when I was young.

I would like to share my knowledge and my recipes with people. It is going to take some time to get all the recipes sorted out and posted on the site but I will get there and you can subscribe to the rss feed and get notified whenever there is a new page going up... and at the moment, that's almost every day.

This is my first skincare notebook.. (the recipes are better than the drawings I assure you!) and I will share with you my very first skincare recipe.

It's a Honey, Oats and Lemon Skin Softening Mask.

I don't have exact quantities so you will have to experiment... but you need

Some rolled porridge oats (not the gritty ones... the softer ones... like Quaker oats)
A Lemon or some lemon juice
Some honey

You mix the oats with the honey and a little lemon juice so that it isn't too runny. You then warm some of the mixture on a spoon held over the spout of the boiling kettle... be careful... don't burn yourself. Then you smear the mixture onto your clean but damp face and leave it there for fifteen to twenty minutes, after which time you rinse it away and pat dry.

At the time I hoped that it would get rid of my acne... it didnt... but it did make my skin really really soft... but I remember doing this every night for about a month ... although my acne did not go, the honey is antiseptic and the little amount of lemon is astringent so it certainly would keep the acne from getting worse... or infected which is always the danger with prolific pimples such as mine were. The oats were responsible for making my skin feel really soft.

And now back to work... which explains why I had RSI in my mouse hand... well so long as this rain keeps up I shall have to do something!

Oooh ok Sandy.. http://www.natural-skincare-made-easy.org


  1. YIPPEE!!! YIPPEE!!! Maybe share the actual web address for people who have to write it down (like me on my broken computer). Really, I have it - but maybe others would like it too.


  2. It's great Jane!! What a lot of work you have done!!! x

  3. This is wonderful news! HOOOOOOORAYYYY

  4. Wow-amazing website! This is good work you are doing, healthy skin is so important.

  5. Thank you guys... so kind of you to comment. Will keep you all posted on how it develops... :-)

  6. I love making my own skin potions. Haven't done it for a while. So, I am eager to try your recipe.
    Happy Full Moon

  7. How exciting! I love using natural ingredients. Thanks for this.

  8. Lovely web site, well done, one to study methinks. Ilona


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