Breathe in Ladies

Before I gave up the soap company I used to do a little side line that I enjoyed enormously. Because the Victorians are very much my thing and Victorian women especially - Julia over at Marmalade Kiss is not the only person who knows about CORSETS! Well ok.. .she is the only person I know who actually makes them... and makes them really well. But I digress...

I used to talk to WI groups about the secrets of a Victorian ladies boudoir, having arranged beforehand for a WI volunteer to be my model. The model was asked to wear a pair of shorts or leggings and a little Victorian chemise top that I provided. I would then proceed to dress her in Victorian underwear... in front of the audience, the stockings that come to just over the knee and then the shoes (must put on the shoes BEFORE the corset or you wont be able to put them on at all!) the split leg drawers, the underpetticoat, the corset, the overpetticoat and sometimes even a bustle.

Strangely... nearly every time I did this, the model would be very slim... it seems that the larger ladies were embarrassed to do it... but the truth is... the bigger the lady... the better it looked!

We used to have a real hoot and I always made the joke as I was tightening the corset laces that the audience should tell me if the model turned blue because I couldn't see from behind.

Of course I don't have a picture of a WI lady in a corset!! What were you thinking!! Now if you are interested in corsets you will know that they are soooooo expensive to buy. And of course they are standard sizes so you are not guaranteed a good fit, which sort of defeats the object of having one. This is where clever Julia at Marmalade Kiss has come up with a wonderful idea... The Sew Curvy Corset Company....

I have a little kit from Julia already and great plans to start sewing once the winter weather drives me away from the allotment... where will I wear it? Never you mind about that! Just click on the link and get your own kit... oooh and Julia is always there for helpful hints and tips when it comes to sewing it (she assures me that it is basically sewing in straight lines.... will keep you posted).


  1. I have a corset, a bought one. I havent worn it for a very long time, but it does make you a feel a certain way and your posture immediately improves. Slouching is not an option!!

    I dont really have call to wear one anymore sadly. But then I shouldnt let that stop me either!


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