August - month of fruitfulness!

As most of my followers (those paying attention) will know... I have been adding to my website on a regular basis... uploading pages on various different topics to do with skincare and that includes quite a few recipes for making products at home - from stuff you have in the kitchen.

Well on that vein... and after waxing on and on about having nice skin I thought I should pay much more attention to mine than I do... and Mr Technobilly appreciates my making an effort too. The allotment is great but all this outdoors stuff takes it toll!

So I decided to do a skin peel. Now normally skin peels are rather harsh and chemical based and sting like crazy. The idea being that you use an acid to remove the top layer of dead and dying skin cells to reveal the more beautiful younger you beneath.

Well Mother Nature has acid too you know, so I headed off to the kitchen and my fruit bowl and made myself a natural skin peel. I used an orange, a fig and a banana. Mashed them up, cleaned my face in my usual manner, leaving the skin damp and then smeared the mixture on to my skin.

I then decided I should relax in the shade in the garden. I was just closing my eyes thinking of how those wonderful fruit acids were working away at my grey dull complexion when I felt a tickling on my face... I thought the bits of fruit were starting to fall off so I moved slightly... the alarming buzzing in my ear alerted me to the fact that this was not simply fruit sliding off my face. I opened my eyes while simultaneously waving my arms around and saw no less than three wasps making bee-lines (or wasp-lines) straight for my face!!

I ran into the house screeching and making sure I hadn't been followed plonked myself down onto the couch... oh well... I could just as easily relax in here...

Gosh I must have been so wicked in a previous life... there is simply no rest!!!

Well the fruit acids work just the same whether you relax or stand up all the time. But it is nicer if you can relax!

There are loads of suggestions for fruits and the types of skin they suit on this page (provided it has loaded up by now... if not just try again will be there by then!)


  1. So funny! But only because you were not stung :)

    I am following both your sites now, with interest. Thanks!

  2. I know! Someone else has already said I was a 'Silly Billy' (lol!)... which I guess I was... but if I had got stung ... I have a home made remedy for that too... which will eventually turn up on the site!.


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