OK... it's Eynsham, not Rio, but its HOT HOT HOT!!! Forecast says there is a possibility of a few thunder showers... which we really do not want, yes I know that it would cool us down, but we have so much stuff to sell for BillyJon's Kilimanjaro challenge that a lot of it is outside of the gazebo and it would get wet and spoiled.
Firstly, I do have to say a HUGE THANKYOU to everyone who contributed and the lovely strangers who sent me hand made stuff to sell. There were lots... it was so kind of everyone. A special thank you goes to Jane who sent me this............

No not the bed... the wonderful hand made quilt! We decided to raffle the quilt as we really thought it deserved to make as much money as possible. We set the tickets at just £1 each and on the raffle alone we have made more than £6o so far... we have another carnival next Saturday (nearby market town of Witney) and then the following Saturday I will be having a stall outside our local village emporium when I will draw the winning raffle ticket. So I am very hopeful that we will get lots more on the quilt.

While everyone else in the village is getting ready for a day of fun and frolics we are hard at it.

Where shall I put this? Was the most commonly heard phrase of the morning. The day progressed and we soon got into the swing of it, some of us more than other's! But all money going to a really good cause.

I didnt really get a chance to enjoy much of the carnival, but then I am used to this, I always had a soap stall in previous years and so never got to join in. But I did have a couple of beers during the day. Some of the visitors to our stall were very interesting... I dont know if it was the beer but just look at this....

on the back of their T shirts it said 'Real men wear Skirts!' I thought they looked very cool!

At the end of the day we were all exhausted. The collection buckets were very full - we hadn't sold all the stuff so we will still have plenty for next weekend's festivities in Witney. And did it rain? No it did not!

And the final grand total ? Over £500 raised for Help for Heroes. Well done everyone!


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