And the winner is!!!!!!!!!!

Sara of untidy farm fame!............. I love Sara's blog because she seems to be doing all the stuff I dream of doing one day... and her farm, give or take a few of the unusual predators that she seems to have is practically my 'dream farm'. I especially like her no nonsense approach to the hard work that it must be that doesnt seem to diminish her enjoyment of it! So congratulations to you Sara.

I have to confess that I didnt put the numbers into a computer programme as promised but simply asked my daughter to pick a number from one to five (since there were five of you) and she did so. Well it was her 21st birthday and she doesnt read my blog (shame on her) so I thought it would be fair.

Just waiting now for Sara to send me her address and then I shall post her gift. Small as it is... I hope that she will be pleased.

Getting back to normal life has not been easy after all the excitement of Africa. But am I in danger of thinking that my life is boring? Absolutely not! We are about to get an allotment! WHOOP WHOOP! which is currently covered in 6 foot high couch grass! The allotment is 12 foot wide by 60 foot long which is going to be a lot of work. I cant wait!!

On a personal front life is seldom easy is it? My step mother has been taken into hospital. She is being looked after well, the worrying thing is that the only community bed they had available was in a hospital 30 miles from where my parents live. My father can drive, has always been a very safe driver, but he is 86. I do worry about him doing a 60 mile round trip every other day! Unfortunately they are up in the north of Scotland, a good 800 miles away from me, sigh... this is what you get for marrying an Englishman!


  1. Hi Jane!
    The email I sent you got bounced back, so let me give you mine and see if that works.
    [email protected]

    So exciting! Thank you!

  2. Have sent you a mail Sara... am sure it was my fault it bounced!


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