Yippee I got here!

Where should I start? The flight? 3 sick bags on the way into Port Harcourt in the middle of a tropical rainstorm,thunder, lightening et al... v. scary!

The beautiful faces of the ladies who were sent to meet us? Their clothes? Stunning and very welcoming and after a long flight and feeling very uncertain it was great to see so many happy faces.

The drive from the airport to Government House where we are staying was very eciting too! Police landrover in front and back with sirens blaring and armed escort on our mini bus. We still ended up stuck in traffic but it was definitely memorable.

The accommodation. Luxury that has seen better days, but very clean and huge air conditioning units in all the rooms. No bugs! Hoorah! Well not inside anyway... plenty outside!

The first lady has assigned a group of ladies who take it in turns to babysit us and make sure that we have every thing we need. They are very gracious and very generous and our every whim is catered for. Of course we try very hard not to ask for too many awkward things.

The tent where we were supposed to conduct the soap training collapsed inthe storm so we are now going to be teaching in a hall instead... very grateful that we were not in the tentwhen it came down!

Training begins tomorrow and we cant wait. In the meantime we are being fed constantly... fresh mangoes and bananas in our room every day, with water and fruit juices and peanuts. (Ooh just heard that the tent has now been fixed and re-inforced so we are not in a hall... but this is Africa so we will see...)

The real exciting news is that we have been invited to a state banquet tonight at Government House... of course we do not have anything suitable to wear but they said it wouldnt matter... so we are pooling what we have in order that all of us look decent. The other exciting news is that they are going to send a tailor to take our measurements and then get traditional costumes made for us! I have already taken detailed photographs of all the ladies clothes!

Ok... I have to go now... they are feeding us again... I wonder why they keep giving us so much food? I shouldnt be worried should I?


  1. FANTASTIC news Jane!!! Really pleased that you made it in one peice and are safe. And glad that you are in the better accommodation too. Oooh the State Banquet! How posh!! will you have to wear the traditional wear though??! Glad you are having a great time. Was worrying about you.


  2. That's amazing, Jane, sounds like you are being well looked after. Hope all goes well with your classes, you are very adventurous, I'm impressed.

  3. This is all very exciting Jane - can't wait for the next bit!

  4. WANTING THE NEXT BIT!!!! Hope you're having an AWESOME time.... cant wait to see the pics and hear all about it!


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