Well Preserved!

A large box was delivered to the Technobilly household today! I was quite excited because I hadn't expected this to come so soon after ordering it. Billy Fergus was intrigued too.

I opened it up... to find another large box inside....

and inside that box was this..........

It's a pasteuriser/automatic preserving cooker. I bought it from here. It will enable me to bottle all my expected glut of tomatoes at one go. It takes 13 x 1 litre Kilner jars at a time! YAY!
The excitement was all too much for BillyFergus!
Gone are the entire days of standing over a pressure cooker that can only handle one jar at a time! It means that I can make chutneys and jams and bottled fruit till the cows come home.... well not my cows obviously. Molly was quite interested in the box, so everyone was happy!


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