Welcome the new Raptor's!

This is the sign on the gate of my hen enclosure.

We have some new little dinosaur's arrived at the Technobilly garden today. Say welcome to STAR, SPECKLE, BLACKIE and BLUEBELLE!

Tired of only getting the occasional egg from Wilma who has beaten Miss Skinny into submission so badly that she has been barren for days now... I have brought in a new 'flock'. They are kept separate from Wilma and Miss Skinny but they can see each other. The new girls were a bit shy at first...

... but then I couldn't get them to pose together... so here you have only three...... but the fourth (Miss Speckle) is around somewhere...

Wilma has been making quite a fuss since they arrived this morning, goose stepping up and down the dividing fence and making a real racket. It's now nearly four o'clock and she hasn't stopped crowing since 11am when they arrived... it's getting very tiresome and I am close to taking out the chicken brick and showing it to her. I hadn't planned a roast for tomorrow but I can soon change that! I do believe it has gone quiet. I'm serious, she has just this minute shut up.. thank goodness!

And just to make my day complete.... my first harvest! 6 radishes ... YUMMY!

And as promised a few pictures showing how the garden is coming on. Feeling all warm and fruitful today.

Courgettes almost ready to transplant into the garden. I plan on growing a couple up an apple tree, mostly because I am stuck for space and also it is a nice sunny spot and will provide some support for them. The other two will go beside a climbing rose... again for the same reasons, not too fussed if they don't do well... you can get very sick of courgette. (Ooh Wilma has found her voice again!).

The plastic greenhouse complete with tomato plants almost ready for the grow bags.

Potato and Jerusalem artichokes. This photograph was taken a week ago... they are much bigger now!

Blossom on my new apple tree!

The herb garden growing merrily in the old tyres. I might paint the tyres at some piont during the summer. I'm not sure what colour. What do you think? White? Too stark? Maybe Red... nice and cheerful.


  1. Oooh Jane, your new ladies are LOVELY!!! I am a little bit green here!! I think white for the herby pots. x

  2. I have those old tyres all over my garden! I painted them all different. Matter of fact just this last week, while taking time away from blogging, I painted some purple for my blueberries, a couple have been painted green & garlic planted in them...
    what breed is that speckly chook? I had one the same colour a few years ago... my poor old girls are moulting and off the lay at the moment.

  3. Hi Miss R... I am thinking maybe Terracotta colour for the tyres now, but I could change my mind yet. Miss Speckle is a Speckled Star (Maran & Barred Plymouth Rock cross... not that I am an expert... just quoting the website http://www.cotswoldchickens.co.uk/breeds.htm ). Speckle and Star are very shy at the moment... havent come out of their house yet!

  4. What lovely young ladies! What sort is Bluebelle? Hope Miss Skinny gets some peace now!
    I think red for the tires would be festive-but herbs do like white for extra light reflection.

  5. Veggies coming along nicely there, Jane. My spuds are just showing through, courgettes in their raised beds, peas in their tubs, but my toms are no where near ready to plant out.

  6. Hi Sara, Bluebelle is actually the name of the breed. Its a Maran Rhode Island cross and they come in all shades of grey. Mine has a ruff of reddy brown feathers to complement the grey... and it looks like she is top hen of the newbies. Alas Miss Skinny is still terribly henpecked by Wilma but she pined when she was kept separated so she will simply have to lump it.. stopped limping though. :-) mmm white... I didnt know that about reflecting the light.

  7. Hi Ilona I think I was a bit previous with the tomatoes... but instead of grow bags we are going to sort out a raised bed for them up against the south facing shed wall... if I dont get them out soon they will get too big for their pots! I can always cover them with bubble wrap once they are in the bed if it threatens frost!

  8. My potatoes are coming up well, i'm so excited to see how they turn out.
    The new members of the family look fab, what do the other hens make of them?
    I think the tyres should go white but get one of your artist children to pain vines on them :-)


  9. Bring your paints with you next time then Carrie! lol!


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