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I can't exactly stop you chaps from reading this post but honestly, it isn't going to be of any interest to you at all, so go be good boys and put the kettle on and make a nice cup of tea, while us ladies discuss important lady things.

I am not pulling any punches on this as I have a real bugbear about knickers, a bugbear that has grown to fairly large proportions as I have got older (sort of keeping pace with the size of my derriere). Ever since about age 13 when things like the size of one's 'gusset' became really important I have been disappointed with the choice of underwear available in the shops.
Since when was this sexy? If a woman isn't comfortable how can she be sexy? She can pretend to be sexy but that is something completely different! Perhaps for a bit of foreplay in the bedroom (and to you men who disagree.... you were told to go to the kitchen!!) but realistically who wears these all day? Normal women have BOTTOMS and curvey bits and I am very proud of mine but I do like to feel a little flutter of fabric around them rather than the sting of cheesewire stuck up my crotch!

There are one or two slight improvements on the thong....

but even here the amount of 'gusset' is miniscule and the end result is not terribly comfortable. The only other choices seem to be very boring or very 'granny-ish' or simply too 'warm', those of us who have suffered with Thrush will instantly know what I mean.

The Victorian ladies wore split leg drawers. These were incredibly practical when wearing a corset and very healthy, allowing areas prone to be sweaty plenty of free flowing air. Unfortunately today's fashions do not sit well with the wearing of split leg drawers. This 20's flapper would be just as comfortable as her Victorian mother in her roomy bloomers but this is also a little bulky by modern standards.

The ideal would be the old 30's and 40's French Knickers, or cami knickers as they were often called. I searched everywhere to buy decent french knickers, ones with a bit of a flare to them, which I think is very flattering when you are curvy to start with. Alas I could not find any that would suit - and yes I probably could have found something if I was willing to pay wads of dosh for them, but I simply wanted every-day wearable french knickers.

Courtesy of the lovely ladies at Frilly Bits I have found the answer to my prayers!! I am going to make them myself. I was a bit sceptical of how well it would turn out because I havent done a 'trouser block' at pattern cutting class yet. And I was worried that the gusset bit would prove difficult. But I dutifully followed the instructions for Claire's Stepins and made a pattern, and then sewed a toile out of some white muslin. Here they are:

They look the part certainly but did they fit?

Well almost, but not the fault of the Frilly Bits team I assure you, a little tweak here and there to accommodate my own personal curves and a little extra flare at the hem will suffice to provide me with the perfect pair of knickers! Hurrah!!!
Now I am on the search for oddments of silk and satin and lacey edgings and applique embroidery... now that IS SEXY. If any gentlemen have actually read this post and learned something then all will be forgiven, even if I didnt get a cup of tea after all!


  1. Hi, recently found your blog and really enjoying it. I think your french knickers are great, I wish I could find some like these in the shops, always so comfortable. Take care x

  2. Well I would never have thought of making my own, very nice they are too. But I'll stick with my boys pants as I always wear trousers, not a fan of flapping skirts and knickers :-)

  3. I SO AGREE! After I get settled into the Mountain Home I will have to try this one myself. :-) Thank you for the idea. I'm taken to making my own bras as I'm not happy with the 'fit' and comfort of the ones available. Like you, I have a few curves that the 'styles' don't seem to take into account. My problem is that for my size - sexy isn't an option. It seems that only A and B cup get the sexy bras - myself - being a D cup - gets ill fitting sports bras or something that looks like armor, lol.

    BRAVO for posting this.
    Sandy Marie

  4. Ooh Sandy you should look at Marmalade Kiss in my list of blogs I follow, Julia has a very good post about Bra's...
    Underwear is soooooooo important, and so often because no one sees it, is pretty much ignored. I think... but don't know for sure, that these would go under baggy trousers... but perhaps not jeans. :-)

  5. I think you deserve a Public Service Award for this post!

  6. well i can say billy jonathon had a very la la la moment when i read this out to him and also when i told him to take a look of the pic h quickly walked away!....i think i can safely say he is scared for life!! hehe

    Well done for making them though, sandy I also find pretty bras difficult to find (i'm an E cup)but simply be have a very wide range of bigger bras, they take ages to arrive (like 3 weeks) but if you're in no hurry for them i'd definitely take a look or Bramissivo they have some nice undies too x


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