The Wardrobe - No Lion, No Witch.

At the bottom of my wardrobe, taking up space and not opened for nearly a year is my History Box. Here it is:

Why History box? Well it contains old things, things made to look old and things that bring back memories, and some of them are not my memories but someone elses. For example...

Billy Steve’s 1970’s nylon shirt (Strutting his stuff at the disco no doubt!)

Billy Steve’s flared jeans with pink flowered inserts and pink flowers all over. Yeah Man!

A handful of ‘Rasta braids’ (mine, 1980's. Don’t ask!!)

My Mary Quant sarong… hot summer by the Serpentine, London 1977… innocent times in a wicked world!

The beaded belt hand sewn for me by a dear friend. Invergordon Scotland, 1978.

The dress Billy Christina wore at New Year 2002. Borthwick Castle, Edinburgh. Ah… that was a special new year.

The baby clothes knitted by Billy Steve’s Grandmother. Baby’s don’t wear clothes like this any more.

My Regency dress. Trafalgar Night 2005

My Victorian reproduction corsets “Oooh la la!”

Split leg drawers (in true Victorian style, shown neatly folded together so as not to offend!)

An 1860’s blouse – used to go with a red crinoline skirt with steel hoop underneath (I wonder where that is?)

An 1880’s bodice (I also have the bustle and ruffled overskirt to go with it).

An 1890’s skirt (I also have a nice dark blue one).

A reproduction blouse from 1900. Christmas at Cogges Manor Farm Museum, 2007. (Alas the museum is now closed).

A medieval sword (plastic) along with my wimple and Billy Steve's turban style hat… (St Benedict’s Fair, Eynsham, Oxfordshire, Summer 2005)

A Battenburg lace parasol – Billy Christina in 1890’s costume in Oxford’s Botanical Gardens, Summer, 2007.

BillySteve’s morning suit – Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s 200th birthday celebration at Didcot Railway Centre, Oxfordshire., April 8, 2006.

A little maroon coloured handbag…. I bought it at a flea market in 1979 for 50p. I don’t know the date of it… could be anything from 1920’s to 1940’s. Inside is a mirror, a comb, a little purse and a theatre ticket for 8th September, at the Royal Court Liverpool, cost 8/6 that’s 8 shillings and six pence! Pricey!! I wonder what she saw? And why she never used her bag again?


  1. Wow! That collection is fascinating. Makes my wardrobe look dullsville++.

  2. Goodness Jane! That must be a BIG box!! Lovely stuff! x

  3. The 1970's nylon shirt and flared jeans are not just Billy Steves as thats also the outfit Billy Jonathon wore the day i met him!!! lol

  4. It's a wonder you decided to talk to him at all!! lol!

  5. I love the title of this post. And the stuff is AMAZING!!! So cool!

  6. He made me laugh, thats all that i was looking for at the time, looking back i should've been a bit more picky ha ha x


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