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This is my last week working at the cafe. I have been here since last September. The cafe is only 5 minutes from my house and it is pretty central in the village... sort of the Central Perk of Eynsham, well, not quite. I have so many other things that I want to do now and the cafe just doesn't fit in with my future plans. All the same, I think I will be a little sad to leave.

Things that I will miss......
It's really great to make new friends, especially when they are good people you are proud to know.

....its nice to learn new skills and the coffee machine is quite cool!

....the coffee tastes good and the hot chocolate is to die for!

....regular customers who are genuinely happy to see you. That's nice.

...the shop used to be a bank and so it has a vault which is now full of cake baking stuff... (the steel door is really cool... and really heavy!)

...and there is a flower shop... flowers make me feel happy....

There is also stuff I will not miss.........

the least said about this the better.........

......impossible to navigate with arms full of boxes and a long skirt... (Yes I know there is such a thing as inappropriate clothing but a girl has to wear what a girl has to wear!)

.......more places for inappropriate clothing to make a girl feel disadvantaged!

But we shouldn't dwell on the negative side of things. It's really a very nice shop. With loads of interesting kitchen and cooking stuff and before I worked there, I used to enjoy browsing and making mental wish lists of all the things I would like to buy. What will I do when I leave? It's not going to be the same when I visit the shop in future is it...? I mean, what if they are busy? Will I feel compelled to rush behind the counter and start stacking the dishwasher?
Will I F**?!£!!


  1. EE could be such a great place. It has many virtues, but the coffee is generally filthy (I gave up drinking espresso in there because it made me want to hurl) and the florists is so expensive it gives rapaciousness a bad name.

  2. Oooh er Adam... I didnt think the coffee was THAT bad... each to his own I suppose!

  3. hahaha Billy Jane! I've found a better store than the EE, although it doesn't have a coffee shop or flowers in there but a lovely Italian resturant next door. It the Lakeland shop in salisbury OMG it's fab, i spent over an hour in there and i didn't get through the whole shop....its amazing!!

  4. Ahhhhh... Jane.. what a nice post (and very generous of you too!). My favourite part (April-December 08) was the customers too. They were all very lovely and I too made lots of lovely friends there, not to mention wonderful June who is teaching us to be designers! xxx


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