Billy Fergus Goes to Oxford

Over the past week or so, Billy Fergus has become more and more reluctant to go out for a walk. Given the opportunity he is a very lazy dog indeed. It got to the stage where he was hiding under the bed in order to avoid a walk. We decided that he must be bored and that it had been a long time since we took him somewhere different. So we arranged a special trip out for him.

He has never been on a bus before. He was very keen to get on,

but then sat between my legs shivering until we reached our destination. Oxford.

Oxford is a young city... its actually very old but because of the university it throngs with students during term time and foreign summer school students during holidays as well as tourists all year round. There is always a buzz of foreign languages being spoken at breakneck speed as well as the possibility of the people in front of you suddenly stopping in the middle of the path to look up at lead flashing, steep spires and our famous gargoyles. There were lots of new experiences for Fergus. Several street entertainers....

Sudden stops when the tourist in front of you decides to take photographs...

Noisy road works.

Famous buildings. This is Christchurch college

and in front of it is Christchurch Meadow.

It stretches down to the river Isis (Its actually the Thames but in Oxford we call it the Isis).
We saw a number of Oxford University's boat teams practicing. This is a girls team.

We also saw Geese and Swans.

Billy Fergus is a keen ornithologist...... but the geese were not friendly unless you had bread with you.

This is the view from the river across Christchurch Meadow.

Then we walked back into the city along quieter alleyways where Billy Fergus simply had to sniff every single bicycle.

We walked past where Billy Christina works at the weekends and waved at her through the window. Blackwells the book shop. It has a very small front but is really huge inside... lots of books... well worth a post of its own... one day.

We stopped to see a famous landmark,

and then sat outside a sandwich shop and had a pasty with some salad and a little rest.

Then we came home on the bus again, by now Billy Fergus was an old hand at the bus and he actually settled down to sleep (I think he was tired too!). Here are some of the best bits of the trip... according to Billy Fergus....

Dogs leave their calling cards in all the usual places ...... a lamp post

A very big tree.....
a cobbled gutter........
mmmmmmmmmmm food.......
and strange little doorways.... with an intriguing little gap at the bottom that must be sniffed... if there were any clues gleaned as to what was behind the door... Billy Fergus wasnt telling.


  1. What a charmer!

    My dog came to work with me recently, when I was calling on a gentleman with a huge, mowed meadow surrounded by forest. While Gentleman and I walked and talked and made notes, my dog ran for miles and miles and miles - just a happy blur, passing us in both directions!
    A splendid day...wish we'd had tea, though ;)

  2. Ive organised my next annual meeting to be in oxford and we will be staying at trinity. Am really looking forward to it now. I love Fergus. He looks like a poodle?

  3. Cute BillyFergus! I hope he has now got over his walk fatigue! x

  4. Billy Fergus is a Bichon Frise (cross between a poodle and a maltese). Too cute... hence badly behaved... we started off treating him like a dog... but alas now, he's a fifth child - that has learning difficulties and never grows up! It certainly did tire him out but he's stopped hiding under the bed when its walk time... so obviously he was bored with walks in the village!

  5. Thanks for the great tour Billie Jane and Billie Fergus - it was fun!...and congratulations on the soap making venture in Africa next month.

  6. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Such a shame that Disney didn't live up to expectations (I fear I will find the same)....
    I love that your dog was getting bored! Ours (a parson Jack Russell - bad to the bone) goes 'on strike' if he doesn't like a particular hill or bit of track. We tried the technobilly route (out on a hill farm in Exmoor) but were rubbish at it so came back into town (albeit a very small DEEPLY rural town). LOVE Oxford and adore that little doorway at the end of your fabulous pictures.


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