Au Secours!

OK, the deal is this.... I am planning on having a stall at our local carnival on July 4th in order to raise money for Help for Heroes and my son's climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in October. I was going to sell some of the craft things I have made,

and to bulk out the stall I was going to have some jumble, bric-a-brac and books. With all money going to charity. I got the forms to apply for the stall only to realise that I need Public Liability Insurance. I should have known that... I used to have it for the soap company. Oh well, I thought, how expensive can it be for a single day? £55 is the answer and only if I am selling ALL craft items - no jumble, no bric-a-brac and no secondhand books.

I cannot find anyone who will insure me for a jumble stall. I've asked dangerous can jumble be?

Could bric-a-brac be the cause of some terrible injury? How deadly are books? Well I guess the answer to all of these questions is VERY VERY.

£1M Public Liability Insurance for a craft stall for a whole year will only cost me £69.... so.... are you thinking what I am thinking? It looks like I am going into the craft business (yet again). But can I make enough things to sell before July 4th? Have I enough usable fabric in the workshop? Will anyone buy what I make? Since ALL the money (not just the profits) I make on this will be going to Help for Heroes I am going to be cheeky and ask for HELP!!!!!!!

I will cover the cost of the stall £20 and the cost of the insurance for a year £69 and if anyone who reads this, or knows of someone who could/would like to send me either:

a. a craft item you have made but do not wish to keep.

b. some craft odds and ends that you cannot find a use for/do not wish to keep... i.e. buttons, bows, trimmings, scrap fabrics (big enough to make something).

If you would like to help please email me at [email protected] and if you put the subject as Help for Heroes Carnival I will send you my full postal address.

If there are any items left over then I will take another stall, perhaps at a Christmas fair in order to try and sell the rest. If anyone would like items returned if they do not sell (at my own cost) then please do let me know when you send them.


  1. Being in the USA (and having financial struggles as well) I can't really help. However, I've sent this blog post to a few friends that just might be able to.

  2. Good luck with all of this Billie Jane.I'm too far away to help but I send my good wishes, and love the sense of history in your photos on this post.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments... totally understand about the distance thing... makes it a bit impractical! :-) All kind thoughts gratefully received lol

  4. Oh for pity's sake, what next? Vicious lavender bags? Aaaghhh.
    Thank you for your comment on mine - nope, had NO idea about memes - yes, I AM that dense! Also totally take your point about the reason for're quite quite right and I am a silly baggage!
    I am the least crafty person going but I shall post up your request on Purplecoo as there are tons of very talented craft people there and we are hugely behind Help for Heroes as many of our members have connections with the forces (and those that don't still think our lot are ploody wonderful).

  5. Came to you through Purplecoo and will see what I can donate to you. Interested in the photo above and will delve into your blog when I have time to see if there is more info. My husband has a steam engine. I think we are defintely technobillies!

  6. Hi,
    Arrived here via Purplecoo and Exmoor Jane.
    I'll happily send you off a few bits of mine.
    Don't mention PLI to me!

  7. Another one from Purplecoo, I have some pieces I can send. QC.

  8. Thank you so much to everyone who has offerred to send me 'stuff' please email me on [email protected] and I will send you my home address... I cant always see your email addresses to write to you. :-)


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