Sunday, 26 April 2009

Arggh Jim-Lad!!!

Do you remember my first scarecrow?

Well here is no. 2!

He's a salty sailor and no mistake... (Good grief why did I say that?) modelled on Johnny Dep in Pirates of the Carribean... can't you see the resemblance? I know it looks like he has two scars but one is actually his hair which is blowing in front of his face. And clothed by a nursery school teacher who has found him a home in the school garden. Apparently the children are really pleased... which makes me really pleased too!

The next project is a French onion seller for friends who live in the south of France (hopefully finished before I go to Africa).... mmmm... a little Gauloise in the corner of 'la bouche' methinks.

While I'm on the subject... here's a quick update on the garden. Everything is growing! Its so exciting! Photographs soon.
Oh and the latest score with the hens... Wilma 1 - Miss Skinny 0. Miss Skinny is limping and has several feathers missing showing bare flesh (I suspect Wilma jumped on her but I didnt see it so I cant say for sure). We have segregated them to give Miss Skinny a chance to recover. We cant see any obvious injury on the leg but she is definitely a bit glum. She now has a cosy little arc all to herself with plenty of fresh straw, clean water and I added some poultry spice to her feed. She can see Wilma through the chicken wire so hopefully neither of them will feel lonely. Get Well soon Miss Skinny.

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  1. Scarecrows are amongst my favourite things. We have one in our school garden also. The students of the school made a special one as part of the many gifts to the school principal on her retirement, as she was a very keen gardener. I like what you've done.


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