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According to my lunar gardening calendar (sidereal) today was a tomato planting day so I sowed my first seeds for 2009. I made some newspaper pots (I brought the papers home from the cafe so they didn't cost me anything).

The tray underneath the seed pots I got free from a florist shop... they were going to put them into the skip... the little indentations in the plastic are the perfect shape for adding stability to my paper pots... and of course once the seedlings are big enough to transplant I will simply pop the whole paper pot into the gro-bag where the paper will happily decompose.

You can actually buy a device for making newspaper pots but it costs about £10... mine are not all the same size but I am sure that wont make too much difference to the tomato seeds. Then I brought some old plastic shelves from the shed into the conservatory (I dont have a greenhouse) so that the seedlings will benefit from the light and heat.

The sun was shining and the conservatory was really quite warm so I decided to make some bread. I have a bread machine but sometimes I really like to get stuck in and do it by hand.

I made some white bread which we ate for lunch...

and then I made some hot cross buns ...

and while I am updating my blog I have a small wholewheat loaf and some wholewheat rolls proving in the kitchen, oh and I also had time to have a cup of tea in the sunshine.

It has been a lovely day!


  1. Time for planting! I am so behind. Thanks for the motivation. I used to have a hand mill . . . ground the organic wheat and/or rye. That was really good and I haven't done it in years. Thanks of reminding me how good homemade bread is too.


  2. well i made some bread but it hit the rack in the oven when it went in and sunk. it's lovely bread but if you want a sandwhich you have to cut it length way, well unless you are a fairy of course! ha ha


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