Micro Orchard

This very intriguing box arrived at the Technobilly house on Thursday morning. Earlier in the week I bought a micro orchard over the internet... four fruit trees to be planted in pots. The trees were packed in the box with lots of straw....

......which my hens really enjoyed because I used it to change their bedding (normally they get all the shredded bills, junk mail etc...) and spread the rest around the enclosure for them to scratch through.

Thursday morning was not a good time for the orchard to arrive. The instructions said plant them as soon as possible and I had to go to work until 2pm, on top of that I was teaching soap all day Friday and Saturday so I knew it had to be that afternoon or risk damage to the trees.

This was the sky on Thursday afternoon, a very dark cloud was fast approaching and I just knew it was going to rain. I rushed like mad to get all four trees into their pots before the approaching rainstorm and I was really hot and sweaty by the time I finished.

ok... they are just sticks at the moment but I promise you they will be trees before the end of the year... and next year I should get fruit...

I got a pear, an apple, a cherry and a quince. The posh side of the garden is now renamed the orchard. And I got an opportunity to use the watering can my daughter bought me for my birthday last year... It was a nice way to christen the watering can and the trees at the same time. I whispered a few words to the trees while I did it (so no one could hear... but also just in case talking to the trees actually works).

And then because I felt like a pat on the back and there was no one there to do it for me, I toasted some of last weekends hot cross buns and finished off the ginger beer (thanks for the recipe Sandy).

Mmmm I'm sensing a pattern emerging here... my posts are all ending in food! Anyway... Cheers everyone!


  1. they look fab billie jane, where did you get those lovely big pots from?

  2. oooh! I would like a cherry tree and a quince tree. Hope the soapmaking went well. Trees are just like people. They love a conversation now and then. x

  3. I'm a tree hugger from way back, lol. I bet those trees are going to do wonderful.

    :-) Sandy

    PS: Glad you're enjoying the Ginger Ale.

  4. The pots came from the wholesaler (last purchase before I gave up the business and the right to shop wholesale :-( but perhaps now I am teaching again I can say I'm in business!)


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